Vitalounge Announces Name Evolution to Vitalounge

Vitalounge, a leading wellbeing brand at the forefront of tech, science, and the restorative power of human biology, announced today its new name and brand identity, Vitalounge ( The new identity reflects the company’s evolution towards offering a comprehensive range of wellbeing services for its growing patient community.

Vitalounge’s expanded groundbreaking approach, known as Precision Wellbeing ™ , combines personalized wellbeing assessments and guidance, foundational medical lab work, and award-winning infusion therapy treatments featuring their trademark super premium bioavailable nutrients. In addition to these modalities, Vitalounge will now offer expanded medical wellbeing options, including:

  • Upgraded Vitacore Membership: Providing monthly access to 14 super nutrients, along with consultations and exclusive member pricing on all treatments.
  • Breakthrough  “Metabolic Reshaping,” a holistic medical weight loss approach combining GLP-1 peptides, guided personal lifestyle coaching, and other treatments to reset metabolism, manage appetite, and achieve sustainable weight loss along with whole body health benefits such as lower glucose levels, lower blood pressure, and greater mobility among others.
  • Hormone Rebalancing and Optimization: Offering breakthrough treatments and personalized guidance for both male and female hormone balance, vitality and sexual wellbeing.
  • Cognitive Treatments: Introducing innovative therapies such as NAD+ for enhanced cognitive function and overall brain health.

Rafael Reyes, Co-Founder and CEO of Vitalounge, commented on the brand evolution, stating, “Our new name, Vitalounge, reflects our unwavering focus on health and wellbeing. It aligns perfectly with our new range of modalities that add further precision, personalization and the efficacy of a new wave of wonder drugs and treatments that offer our patient community the wellbeing they deserve, on their terms.”

Ashley DaSilva, Co-Founder of Vitalounge, commented on the additional offering’s integrated impact and value, saying, “The goal with our expanded services is to jointly deliver a more powerful whole body and mind impact for our patients, from insightful and actionable tests to infusion treatments that help reset, to a new wave of innovations across cognitive, anti-aging, cosmetic and overall better wellbeing needs. We believe living your best life begins with your wellbeing, and we make it accessible and powerfully simple on all levels.”

As part of its innovation and growth focus the brand will also be announcing additional exciting product innovations, clinic openings, and breakthrough strategic partnerships as it positions itself as a leading wellbeing lifestyle and medical brand.