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Cognitive nutrients and peptides offer significant benefits for brain, mood, and sleep health. These specialized substances provide essential nourishment and support to the brain, enhancing cognitive function, memory, and overall mental well-being. They can also regulate neurotransmitters, promoting a balanced mood and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Additionally, cognitive nutrients and peptides contribute to restful sleep, optimizing sleep quality and promoting a rejuvenated mind and body upon waking.


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Cognitive Benefits

Enhanced Cognition

Improved memory

Increased focus

Mental clarity

Brain nourishment

Vitality boost

Stress reduction

Immune support

Energy balance

Balanced mood & sleep

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Mood and Sleep Enhancements

Prices Vary

  • Brain Restore$300

    Experience the transformative power of key nutrients phosphatidylcholine and glutathione, to support optimal brain function, enhance cognitive abilities, and promote overall brain health.

  • Neurotransmitter and Adrenal Analysis$599

    The HPA Assessment conducts a comprehensive analysis of hormone and neurotransmitter levels to evaluate the performance of the adrenal glands and the nervous system, providing valuable insights into an individual's overall well-being. By identifying any imbalances or irregularities in hormone and neurotransmitter levels, the HPA Assessment can help guide personalized treatment plans to improve overall health and alleviate these stress-related symptoms.

  • NAD+ from $200

    Treatment is a cutting-edge therapy that helps combat the effects of aging by repairing and rejuvenating cells throughout the body. This innovative treatment can help enhance brain function, boost energy levels, and improve overall health and wellness. NAD+ is also believed to play a critical role in promoting longevity and healthy aging.


Our Treatments are 5 Star


Mary, Orlando, FL

I’ve been with Vitalounge for about a year, and I recently started complementing my visits with at home nutrients. It’s great keeping that boost.


Joe, Orlando, FL

This has become part of my weekly wellbeing routine. I never felt better.

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