Our Medical Weight Loss Program.

Maintaining a healthy weight level can reduce the risk of numerous health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. GLP-1 treatments, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, can support weight loss and improve metabolic function. Coaching can also provide guidance and accountability to help individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight level.


Transformative Benefits
Of Peptides


Reduced Blood Glucose Levels


Weight Loss


Improved Cardiovascular Health


Reduced Risk of Diabetes


Complications Improved Mobility


Improved Sleep


Better Mental Health


Improved Metabolic Health


Increased Lifespan By Reducing
Risk of Chronic Disease

The Vitalounge Medical Weight Loss Difference

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    Highly personalized, we lead with your health and weight loss goals.

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    It’s a full body, wellbeing approach that takes into account your entire wellbeing.

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    Unlike other weight loss programs, we don’t use synthetic appetite suppressants.

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    We focus on bioavailable nutrients, and the new, proven GLP-1 drugs that naturally reshape your metabolism to deliver wellbeing benefits.

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    Focus on monitoring and lifestyle coaching for true wellbeing and weight loss impact.

Our Program.
Benefits Packed. Easy Terms

Your healthy weight level and management is your priority. Here is how we keep it simple, focused, and effective.

  • Metabolic Reshaping ™ Fueled by GLP1 Innovations


    Our integrated Metabolic Reshaping program is designed for short and long term success, fully customized, guided by your wellbeing goals. It includes:

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    • Consultation with a Medical Provider 1 Month Supply of GLP-1 Peptide Injections* (Dosage varies from 1mg – 5mg and is dependent the round of therapy ordered)
    • Comprehensive Review of Medical History
    • Physical Examination
    • Comprehensive Metabolic Lab Analysis
    • Monthly Advanced Segmental Body Composition Analysis
    • Custom Nutrition & Diet Program with Daily Guidance on Diet and Recipes
    • 1:1 Coaching & Medical Guidance
    • Ongoing Evaluations and Consultations
    • Syringes & Alcohol Pads
  • HCG


    The HCG hormones help suppress hunger and triggers the body to use stored fat for energy, resulting in weight loss.

    • Kick-off Consultation
    • Physical Examination
    • 1 Month Medicine
    • Supply
    • Progress
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Fueled By Glp-1 Innovations Weight Loss, And Health Gain Wonder Drug

GLP-1s mimic a hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1 in the body to help with healthy weight loss by slowing down the stomach’s emptying, reducing appetite, and increasing feelings of fullness. They also have additional benefits such as improving blood sugar control, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and reducing inflammation.

Here are some of our curated peptide treatments.
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GLP-1 Peptide Injections Powerful weight loss aids that helps control appetite and promotes fullness. Mainly used with type 2 diabetes treatment and is now FDA approved for those seeking a healthier weight management solution. GLP-1 Peptides target both blood sugar regulation and weight loss, making them an ideal choice for those looking to improve their overall health and well-being.

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Liraglutide: an effective weight loss solution that curbs appetite and increases the feeling of fullness. Primarily used for treating type 2 diabetes, it's a popular choice for individuals seeking to manage their weight and improve overall health.

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Tirzepatide: an innovative weight management solution that helps control appetite and enhance satiety. It targets both blood sugar regulation and weight loss, making it an ideal choice for those looking to improve their overall health and well-being.

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Our Medical Weight Loss Peptides
Now Available For Home Delivery

Order your GLP-1 Peptides

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    To educate you about the treatment and answer any questions.

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    We will send you We will send you the treatment to the convenience of your home.

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    To answer any questions while treatment is taking place and to monitor your overall weight management.

Guiding You, Each Step

We make healthy weight management a group effort, yet fully on your terms, and as independent as you want it. We are here for you with science, tools, and friendly advice and healthy nudging.
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    Our lab diagnostic and experts will guide you on the key steps.
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    Easy Steps
    Our weight loss treatment package guides you through milestones and questions.
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    Tracking & Guidance
    We’re here to answer any questions as you advance your nutrient journey.

Our Treatments are 5 Star


Juliette, Orlando, FL

I love the combination of state of the art medications, check-ins and the human factor through advice. I met my goals and are maintaining a new healthy lifestyle.

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