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Stay fit without going to the gym!

You don’t have to have a full-blown gym in your house to keep in shape, and exercise is a proven activity to boost immunity while relieving stress. So, here are some tricks to keep you motivated while working out at home. If you need that extra push, Vitalounge has you covered with numerous products to boost your routine and weight loss.

Move around, even if it is only for 10 minutes a day

Without all of the gym equipment, we have to switch up our routine. Exercising more often, every day if you can, will allow you to equal the intensity of your gym days. Go for shorter, more frequent movements, not just for your body but for your mind. Those of us working from home understand how easy it can be to walk from your desk right back to the couch. Give yourself a quick break from the world with fast bursts of movement.

A more intense home workout lies at your fingertips

You may think that working out at home is inferior to that of your previous routine, but it all up to you! There are numerous resources online to help you make your workout as easy or difficult as you need.

Mobility Matters

Even before isolation, we are stuck at our desks hunched forward, likely staring at screens. It is more important than ever to practice mobility moving your joints through a full range of motion. Five minutes every hour is recommended away from your screen. Use this time to roll your muscles and relieve tightness.

Distract yourself

Blast your favorite iTunes or Spotify playlist without worrying if others have the same taste. More of a reality TV person? Put on your favorite show during your workout; mindless distractions help pass the time.

Get some fresh air

Let’s face it; being stuck in the house can be trying. Absorbing some UV rays and fresh air can boost your mood and offer new scenery for your workout. The options are endless, ride your bike or try some poolside yoga. Don’t forget about your pets; they love to exercise too.

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