A nasal spray used for mold toxicity. This peptide lowers inflammation and helps in the healing activity of the brain. It also supports the pituitary-adrenal axis and can help support and improve hormone levels.

Nasal spray 12ml

  • 12ml: 250mcg $100
  • 12ml: 500mcg $200

Benefits May Include:

  • Healing of damage from mold toxicity or biotoxins such as Lyme
  • Helps heal the lining of the gut by directly increasing blood flow
  • Increases gut motility and enzyme release
  • Lowers inflammation by lowering most cytokines and improving T cells
  • Improved Vitamin D metabolism
  • Increased melatonin and testosterone levels

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My veins are very small and always roll and all of the staff was very patient with me and my veins. Matt was patient with me and was finally able to hit a good vein that didn’t roll and was able to start my IV drip! I recommend this place and I will be requesting Matt to do my IV when I come in from now on!
kay L.
kay L.
19:53 26 Sep 21
Jasmine was super friendly and very knowledgeable. Great experience! Edit 9/24/21::: I am a LEGIT regular here! Matt and Krystal are hands down SUPER AWESOME! Matt is a wizard when it comes to shots and needles and Krystal is so kind, patient and makes you feel comfortable at every step in the process. I've already recommended this place to my close friends and family because of the results I've been experiencing. Do yourself a favor and come check it out.
FirstName L.
FirstName L.
16:09 26 Sep 21
The best of the best“Get the membership” add infusions like fitness, detox, weight loss and extra glutathione.And as for injections; get vitamin D, NAD and CoQ10 shots.“Your whole life will change”
Sanjay C.
Sanjay C.
15:25 26 Sep 21
Bill B.
Bill B.
15:07 26 Sep 21
Cynthia B.
Cynthia B.
14:58 26 Sep 21

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