$100.00 60 minutes

A nasal spray used for mold toxicity. This peptide lowers inflammation and helps in the healing activity of the brain. It also supports the pituitary-adrenal axis and can help support and improve hormone levels.

Nasal spray 12ml

  • 12ml: 250mcg $100
  • 12ml: 500mcg $200

Benefits May Include:

  • Healing of damage from mold toxicity or biotoxins such as Lyme
  • Helps heal the lining of the gut by directly increasing blood flow
  • Increases gut motility and enzyme release
  • Lowers inflammation by lowering most cytokines and improving T cells
  • Improved Vitamin D metabolism
  • Increased melatonin and testosterone levels

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Today I was accommodated by Raquel at Winter Park location; she was a delightful friendly spirit and worked diligently to assist me with a situation that had derived during my visit, Thanks again!! Hope you enjoyed your coffee😊😊😊
Sharon S.
Sharon S.
18:53 12 Jun 21
Eileen S.
Eileen S.
02:24 09 Jun 21
Mary Rose was so professional and caring. I wouldn't have gotten this type of care at the hospital for what I was being treated for. The whole experience was so great from beginning to end. And most importantly, I was feeling better before I even left. Thank you Vitalounge.
maggie B.
maggie B.
18:08 08 Jun 21
Very clean, professional atmosphere. Mary Rose was awesome at explaining everything. I had bariatric surgery, and I dehydrate easily. If I wasn't moving across the country in a few weeks, I definitely would have gone for their membership package. I got the signature iv, with an extra bag, as I was very dehydrated. Woke up this morning feeling fresh and energetic! Huge difference from yesterday morning. Thanks Vitalounge!
Maureen E.
Maureen E.
17:56 06 Jun 21
I always have a pleasant experience at your establishment.
Magone S.
Magone S.
16:57 06 Jun 21

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