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An injection used to treat immune system disorders and may also have potential anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects


  • Thymulin 6mg/ml 2ml $300.00
  • Thymulin 6mg/ml 5ml $375.00

Benefits May Include:

  • Powerful Immunity Booster
  • Can Increase Your Lifespan and Longevity
  • Has Proven Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Shows Promise In Reducing Pain
  • May Be Effective for Treating Hair Loss
  • May Be a Potent Anti-Tumor Agent
  • Good Candidate for Other Age-Related Diseases

Thymalin, also known as Thymic Factor, Thymulin, or Facteur Thymique Serique, is a nonapeptide naturally produced by the thymus gland, consisting of a sequence of nine amino acids. Discovered and characterized in 1977 from pig blood, this peptide plays a crucial role in the body’s immune system by modulating immunity. The thymus gland, where Thymalin is produced, is central to developing T cells critical for the immune response. However, as we age, the thymus gland undergoes atrophy, leading to decreased immune function, which makes the role of Thymalin in maintaining immune health particularly significant.

In the 1980s, researchers in the former USSR discovered that Thymalin could stimulate the thymus to regrow, thereby enhancing immune function and offering other anti-aging benefits such as decreased rates of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and improved metabolism. While not approved by the FDA, Thymalin has been widely used in Russia since the early 2000s for its immune-strengthening properties. Despite the limited research available in English, Thymalin has shown promise in treating a wide range of diseases and conditions, making it a subject of interest for its potential health benefits.

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