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Injection, spray, or oral capsule for recovery & repair of soft tissue, inflammation, gut, and nerves. Also available in an oral paste for tooth and gum healing and eye drops for dry eyes and optic health. This peptide has one of the most broad-spectrum of benefits with a variety of options for use.


  • BPC-157 1mg/mL Oral Toothpaste 30gm $312.50
  • BPC-157 2000mcg/mL Injection 5ml $375.00
  • BPC-157 200mcg/mL Eye Drops 10ml $247.50
  • BPC-157 200mcg/mL Eye Drops 3ml $247.50
  • BPC-157 250mcg/0.1mL Nasal Spray 6ml $247.50
  • BPC-157 2mg/mL Cream 30ml $300.00
  • BPC-157 500mcg Capsules 30 $123.75
  • BPC-157 500mcg Capsules 60 $247.50


  • Thymosin Beta/BPC-157 Injection 5ml $615, 
  • GHK-Cu/BPC-157 cream 15ml $200.

Benefits May Include:

  • Accelerated healing of connective tissues, muscle, and joint damage
  • Improvement of digestive function and protects the liver from toxic damage
  • Gut protection and improved healing, including leaky gut, IBS, and Crohn’s inflammation.
  • Heals, protects and prevents gastric and esophageal ulcers
  • Promoted healing of traumatic brain injury
  • Lowers inflammation from multiple causes
  • Improved gum health and healing of infections
  • Improves wound healing including post-surgery healing.

Pentadecapeptide BPC 157, composed of 15 amino acids, is a partial sequence of body protection compound (BPC) that is discovered in and isolated from human gastric juice. Experimentally it has been demonstrated to accelerate the healing of many different wounds, including tendon-to-bone healing and superior healing of damaged ligaments.
Additionally, BPC 157 has shown to protect organs and aids in the prevention of gastric ulcers. BPC-157 acts systemically in the digestive tract to combat leaky gut, IBS, gastrointestinal cramps, and Crohn’s disease.
This peptide has is known to exhibit analgesic characteristics as well. Those who suffer from discomfort due to muscle sprains, tears, and damage may benefit from this peptide treatment. It can also help to aid skin burns faster by increasing blood flow to damaged tissues.

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