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Are you prepping for a virtual holiday?

Whether you are celebrating the long weekend with a few extra drinks or prepping for a Zoom Thanksgiving, we have you covered with Hangover Cure IV treatments. Did you know that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest drinking days of the year? There are a few reasons why: many of us have an extra two days off work, we have a short break before our upcoming stretch of finals at university, or we are prepping for a virtual holiday with the in-laws.

Once you are done teaching grandpa Jim where the mute button on his laptop is, grab another glass of wine and try out these tips to enjoy a fun and virtual Thanksgiving at home.

Teach your favorite recipe to the family

Pretend you are the next Food Network Holiday Baking Champion and challenge your family to a virtual bake-off! The best looking (and tasting) dessert wins! If you are looking for more adult fun, share your favorite holiday drink recipe with step by step instructions, and don’t forget a festive garnish.

Play your favorite games

Play a game of trivia with your friends and family on Zoom! Losers have to take a shot, and the winner gets a prize! Try a virtual scavenger hunt with everyday household items, the first one to come back to the screen wins. Even host a Zoom talent show, involve the pets for added fun!

Have your tech-savvy host create a festive playlist or slide show

Create a Spotify playlist and let your family members submit their requests beforehand. Be sure to share the link in the chat so everyone can enjoy it. You can do the same with a slide show filled with everyone’s family photos.

Remember, if you’ve had one or two too many pieces of pie or finished a bottle or two of wine, Vitalouge has you covered with the best Detox or Hangover Cure IV treatments. Whether we are administering IVs in your home or in one of our lounges, we always follow hospital-grade sanitization protocols and make your health and safety our first priority.

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