5 IV Therapy Treatments to Help You Achieve Your Wellness Goals

According to Google Trends, searches for “IV therapy” have almost quadrupled over the last few years.

IV therapy session in office

IV therapy for wellness was first popularized by celebrities.

Today, more and more people are turning to IV vitamin therapy for their health and wellness needs. With intravenous delivery, nutrients and substances are delivered directly into the bloodstream. From here they reach your organs, muscles, and cells faster and more effectively.

IV therapy is one of the easiest “quick fixes” you can make to your health and vitality. Besides promoting general wellness, you can also leverage IV infusion therapy to target specific health needs.

To learn more, check out these 5 forms of IV therapy and why you should incorporate these treatments into your wellness plan.

1. Hangover IV Drip Therapy

One of the ways celebrities popularized IV therapy was as a hangover remedy. Hangovers are no fun for anybody, and they can severely impact your performance.

Do you have a tight schedule, with little time for looking or feeling less than your best? IV infusion therapy can be an effective way to combat hangover symptoms and give your body the resources it needs to bounce back.

“Hangover cures” are as old as the hills, but most aren’t effective or backed by science.

IV drip therapy is one of the few methods that can effectively reverse a hangover.

A hangover IV treatment will boost your entire body by supplying it with much-needed electrolytes, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Here in Vitalounge, our potent Hangover Cure IV infusion includes high doses of electrolyte enriched fluids and vitamins. As well as anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, and acid reflux medication.

Our formula is designed to instantly rehydrate and detoxify cells. While also alleviating headaches and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Now you might be thinking, but couldn’t I get the same results from a multivitamin and some headache meds?

One of the things that make IV therapy so effective is that nutrients and medications don’t need to be taken up by the body and processed by the liver. Instead, they pass straight into the bloodstream and travel directly to the body’s cells.

This results in rapid uptake and accelerated effects.

2. IV Therapy for Wellness

IV drip therapy isn’t just an effective way to reverse hangovers. It is also a fast method for boosting overall wellness.

As we said above, IV infusion therapy is a very effective delivery route for vitamins and minerals. Although traditional supplements can work, their effects often take time to kick in. What’s more, you might experience issues uptaking certain minerals through your digestion.

If your digestive system is not operating at full capacity, you might not be able to absorb the full potency of supplements. You might also have a precursive deficiency that makes it hard for you to absorb certain nutrients. For instance, if you are lacking in magnesium, this can impact your uptake and synthesis of vitamin D.

IV therapy for wellness allows you to bypass any digestive issues and supercharge your body with nutrients directly within the bloodstream.

As it happens, our most popular IV drip therapy treatment is the Signature Drip, specially designed for general wellness. Delivering a mega-dose of vitamins and minerals, this IV infusion therapy is ideal for improving physical and mental energy levels and maintaining strong immunity. The Signature Drip is targeted at assisting the body to prevent disease and achieve enhanced wellness through optimum nutrient levels.

3. IV Vitamin Therapy for Weightloss

Are you looking to lose excess weight? IV vitamin therapy can be a valuable aid in healthy weight loss.

By topping up your nutrient levels you can help kickstart your metabolism. Eliminating deficiencies to boost your metabolic processes can make weight loss easier and more achievable.

For instance, if you are lacking in vitamin D, iron, or any of the B vitamins, this could hinder your body’s fat-burning and energy production processes.

IV vitamin therapy is definitely not a magic weight loss “pill”, but it can be a pivotal part of a healthy weight loss plan. Not only can it help you shed pounds quicker, but it can also make healthy habits easier to maintain.

For instance, if you are low on energy thanks to a deficiency, it will be much harder to stick to a consistent exercise routine. Deficiencies can also trigger cravings for unhealthy foods.

If you opt for the Vitalounge weightloss-supporting IV drip therapy, VitaSlim, you’ll receive all the vitamins, amino acids, and minerals your body needs for effective weight loss and maintaining a supercharged metabolism. The VitaSlim IV therapy drip also contains a MIC lipotropic blend for kickstarting metabolic fat burning, as well as glutathione. Glutathione can help maintain sugar levels, optimize cellular metabolism, and decrease bad cholesterol.

4.  IV Infusion Therapy for Increased Energy

Another great way to leverage IV therapy is for boosting energy levels. If you’re dealing with low energy, a targeted IV treatment can be an effective way to gain back your vitality.

If you are suffering from mild deficiencies, this can easily manifest as low energy levels.

Wondering if you’re really deficient?

According to research, 94% of the US population doesn’t get enough vitamin D. What’s more, 88% don’t get enough vitamin E and 44% don’t get enough calcium.

Do you want to supplement for vitality and enhanced energy? Vitalounge has a selection of IV therapy treatments to choose from targeted around energy.

The Myers Plus is the most popular all-around energy-boosting IV nutrition therapy.

Besides this, you can also choose from even more tailored IV vitamin therapy options. Feeling burnt out in the Florida heat while touring theme parks? We have a formula specifically for this, called Theme Park Rescue.

5. IV Therapy Treatments for Beauty

IV vitamin therapy treatments can also be effective for combatting signs of aging and aiding natural beauty.

We have a range of beauty-focused IV treatments that specifically target the skin, hair, and nails.

Our Skin Repair IV nutrition therapy treatment can improve the skin’s appearance and reduce sun damage and fine lines. Its antioxidant action can also lighten skin.

Do You Want to Boost Your Body With IV Therapy?

IV drip therapy is no longer just for the rich and famous. It is now a health and wellness solution that is widely available, and which can provide fast effective results.

Are you ready to boost your body through IV nutrition therapy treatments?

Vitalounge is a leading provider of IV infusion therapy. We offer the highest quality treatments in the greater Orlando area. Vitalounge founder Ashley DaSilva studied under her father, Dr. Guy DaSilva—a pioneer and globally acclaimed expert in IV nutrition therapy.

Since then, Ashley has personally formulated all Vitalounge formulas using the DaSilva protocol, one of the only 3 IV therapy protocols recognized at a national level.

The Vitalounge formulas include potent blends of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. As well as nutrients and hydration ingredients to nourish, repair, and protect cells from the inside out.

Browse our Vitalounge therapy menu today to pick an IV therapy tailored to your needs.