IV Treatment Details

From: $125.00 30 minutes

Relieve anxiety and stress naturally with this nutrient packed IV treatment. Loaded with anxiety and stress relieving vitamins, minerals, and amino acids –  this drip will aid your body in boosting GABA levels, a neurotransmitter in the brain that boosts mood, relieves anxiety,  improves sleep, and even helps with the symptoms of PMS. Our VitaEase IV drip will help you relax during states of high stress or anxiety, without any harmful side affects.

VitaLounge makes no representation that the experiences reported on this website are typical, your bodies are unique and the results you may experience from receiving IV drips will be unique as well. Results will vary.

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Just had my very first visit at the Winter Park VitaLounge! Wow! I am very impressed!! The lounge itself was very clean and tidy. I was surprised to see it was entirely run by nurses, and being a registered nurse myself, that gave me a lot of peace of mind! Krystal was very sweet and did a great job with starting my IV. Matt was very knowledgeable on the drips and helped me to select the best one for me. He was fun to talk to and very customer focused. I will DEFINITELY be back!! Thank you for a great experience!
Shannon Cronk
Shannon C.
22:48 10 Aug 20
Don Kerr
Don K.
16:41 10 Aug 20
I started the B12 injections 3 weeks ago & have much more energy & my mood is also improved. I am going to try an IV for the first time in a couple weeks. I love this place. Addicted.
Donna . Pantoja
Donna . P.
15:23 10 Aug 20
Great place and great staff
mehdi el mahil
mehdi el M.
19:04 08 Aug 20
The benefits of IV Therapy and Injections are second to none, but the best part of VitaLounge is the service & awesome staff Matt & Chari ❤️💜... I am forever loyal! —dm
Dominique Mathurin
Dominique M.
16:24 07 Aug 20
Brian Murray
Brian M.
14:16 05 Aug 20
This clinic is amazing and Matt and Crystal were awesome we will definitely be back.
Brit G
Brit G
15:13 03 Aug 20
Matt and Crystal were very nice and professional. Got me in and out very quick.
Samuel Mullins
Samuel M.
18:43 02 Aug 20
Matt is such a good nurse. He did great on me and moms injections. He doesn’t hurt and makes you feel very comfortable!! I recommend him.
Sara Graham
Sara G.
18:20 01 Aug 20
Office was clean and inviting, the girls were very professional and knowledgeable, got a shot a vitamin B12 and didn't feel a thing great job see you next week
Susan Powell
Susan P.
14:47 01 Aug 20
This place is amazing great clean atmosphere and very professional
Elaine Jones
Elaine J.
20:54 31 Jul 20
I get the student shot as recommended, always feel energy afterwards. will be purchasing a package at my next visit!
Jaquelyn Gill
Jaquelyn G.
15:03 31 Jul 20
Love the service,very attentive techs,very knowledgeable about the service product ,I am very pleased with the lake mary Vitalounge, I have been recommending it since our first visit and will continue to do so. Angel Garcia and Maria Garcia.
Pastor Angel Garcia
Pastor Angel G.
16:35 30 Jul 20
I was sick from drinking and decided to go in. I was sooooo sick and my head hurt like heck. But the girls in Vita Lounge took AMAZING CARE OF ME. They were super knowledgeable and just so welcoming, everything was so chill. But the best part was my drip!!! That drip was life saving I left feeling SO GOOD and refreshed... If you ever been curious or need a hangover cure GO!!!!! Its sooooo worth it.
Guillermo Gonzalez
Guillermo G.
18:55 29 Jul 20
Alexandria Moto
Alexandria M.
15:27 29 Jul 20
Lifesaver for relative who needed to be hydrated. Great nursing staff. Fast service!
joy kloess
joy K.
15:32 28 Jul 20
I absolutely LOVE VitaLounge Winter Park… Every time I arrive for my wellness shots or an IV treatment, I‘m greeted with a friendly face & a clean, euphoric atmosphere! Mary Rose, Jasmine & Bella have always taken great care of me. They’ve made my appointments quick & enjoyable..and they’re very knowledgeable. The online scheduling is extremely easy & convenient (which helps fit my hectic schedule) - Do yourself a favorite & go! Your mind, body & soul will thank you later!
Ashley Kurzrock
Ashley K.
21:44 27 Jul 20
I love the atmosphere at Vitalounge very clean, relaxing and they have a friendly staff
20:35 27 Jul 20
I had Gastric bypass 2 years ago and I have a hard time keeping up with my hydration to the point I usually end up in hospital for fluids 2-3 times a year. I decided to try the signature iv mix to see if that would help and I absolutely love it! I have a 10 month old baby girl at home so instead of going to the office I decided to do the in home. The nurse Nick was absolutely wonderful. Great bedside manner and super kind. I will be doing in office next time to see what that is like.I will definitely be doing this instead of the hospital every few months to help me keep up with my hydration and vitamins! 10/10 would recommend!
Brie Romie
Brie R.
20:31 27 Jul 20
Great service.Very knowledgeable, friendly staff.Very nice establishment.Feeling great after my Signature drip IV treatment, I highly recommended!!
Frank Fridays
Frank F.
19:52 27 Jul 20
My first time ever doing something like this and I don’t regret doing it I highly recommend it. I have been suffering with pain for years I did one IV treatment of pain killer I haven’t felt this great in years I am definitely going back
Jeanette Perez
Jeanette P.
15:33 27 Jul 20
Alyssa Douglass
Alyssa D.
15:24 27 Jul 20
Naya Gando
Naya G.
15:23 27 Jul 20
Joshua Jones
Joshua J.
15:21 27 Jul 20
Alicia Black
Alicia B.
12:12 27 Jul 20
Daniel Padilla
Daniel P.
18:40 26 Jul 20
First visit at VitaLounge today! I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to IV’s but I barely felt a thing! Amazing service thank you Jas and Morgan!
16:58 26 Jul 20
Caring, super clean, efficient, professional!Can’t wait to go back.
Marta Betancourt
Marta B.
11:31 26 Jul 20
Jas and Matt were amazing, form star to finish were great, Knowledgeable, great communicators, smooth all the way.
16:56 25 Jul 20
Meagan Jennings
Meagan J.
19:40 23 Jul 20
Matt was amazing-places my IV better than anyone I’ve ever had
Richard Haines
Richard H.
17:14 23 Jul 20
Matt and Jas were the best. They did an awesome job at hooking up my health IV. They were both very detail oriented, knowledgeable, and made sure I had everything I need. Highly recommend these two, you won’t regret it!
laura lapp
laura L.
15:22 23 Jul 20
Rebeka Solorza
Rebeka S.
22:21 22 Jul 20
kimberly jemison
kimberly J.
18:44 22 Jul 20
Chelsea & Chari was awesome and very nice. Highely recommended
18:27 21 Jul 20
A positive and pleasant experience. Friendly staff caring about the patient. This was my third visit, I will be back for another boost to my immune system.
peter martin
peter M.
22:56 19 Jul 20
Received my first IV and I felt GREAT afterwards! I've been to another location in colonial town park and didn't feel anything like I did here. Vitalounge is much better. I will be back
Carol Weng
Carol W.
19:32 18 Jul 20
great experience
Flora Fernandez
Flora F.
19:16 18 Jul 20
Yessenia Marcof
Yessenia M.
00:06 18 Jul 20
Great customer service and very professional!
Lilian Ortiz
Lilian O.
22:12 17 Jul 20
Elisha Charpentier
Elisha C.
14:42 17 Jul 20
liza seale
liza S.
16:01 16 Jul 20
This place is the real deal when it comes to IVs. They will see me and my wife again.
Eric Nieves
Eric N.
18:23 14 Jul 20
Visiting this location was absolutely amazing. Jasmine was knowledgable, professional, and just an absolute pleasure to be around! Come by and try it out you wont regret it!
Matt C
Matt C
17:52 14 Jul 20
This is first time here. The services ar impeccably. The ladies are soo nice and professional Mprofessional
Astrid Jolie
Astrid J.
16:00 14 Jul 20
Coming to vita lounge has always been a great experience for me. This has been my second time attending this location and i have always gotta greet service.
Darius Donaldson
Darius D.
18:02 12 Jul 20
I absolutely love this place and think it’s a necessity
caysee clark
caysee C.
17:00 12 Jul 20
The ladies at VitaLounge Winter Park are amazing! Everyone is super friendly and extremely professional. This is my go-to place when I’m feeling a little sluggish and need to recharge. I feel amazing when I leave, and even better the next day! I definitely recommend them!!
Ashley Lout
Ashley L.
16:55 12 Jul 20
The ladies at VitaLounge Winter Park are amazing! Everyone is super friendly and extremely professional. This is my go-to place when I’m feeling a little sluggish and need to recharge. I feel amazing when I leave, and even better the next day! I definitely recommend them!!
Ashley Lout
Ashley L.
16:51 12 Jul 20
Cori Palka
Cori P.
15:29 12 Jul 20
Everyone here is super kind and I was able to make an appoint the same day I called. Great service and I’d love to come back!
Madison Smith 2201
Madison Smith 2.
19:31 10 Jul 20
Eileen is always very friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. She takes the time to explain everything. I come frequently for high dose vitamin c drips and I won't go anywhere else. I have been to other IV places and don't notice a difference, but here at vitalounge I always leave feeling great and even better the next day!
Wendy Read
Wendy R.
14:37 09 Jul 20
Victor Nieves
Victor N.
23:46 08 Jul 20
First time visit and very glad I came. Great way to boost my immune system before traveling!
Anita NealO
Anita N.
21:47 08 Jul 20
Gabby prieto
Gabby P.
18:07 08 Jul 20
Corali Navedo
Corali N.
16:11 08 Jul 20
Chari was awesome, fast , and explained everything
Vincent Vigilante
Vincent V.
20:10 07 Jul 20
The staff here are so nice and so professional! I love their services and I’ve notice a huge change for the better in my health since I started coming here. Highly recommended!
Raven Sat'Heru
Raven S.
19:30 07 Jul 20
Visited the Doctor Philip's center today and had an amazing experience. The professionalism and knowledge of Chelsea and Chari was superb and they definately earned the 5 stars. If you have havent tried out VitaLounge check out this location!
Matt C
Matt C
17:24 07 Jul 20
Had an amazing experience at VitaLounge today. Eileen was awesome, professional, and extremely helpful. I look forward to returning here again!
Matt C
Matt C
17:18 07 Jul 20
Nadine Bozeman
Nadine B.
14:12 07 Jul 20
Always a great experience. Eileen is so knowledgeable and gives great recommendations! Come check out their new location
Rita Crumity
Rita C.
21:27 06 Jul 20
Rosemary Vargas
Rosemary V.
17:29 03 Jul 20
Peter Sotolongo
Peter S.
15:38 03 Jul 20
I have a amazing time at VitaLounge winter park!!! The space is very clean and all staff are careful and helpful 🌻 My B12 injections help me a lot with my energy levels. I’m so grateful
14:53 03 Jul 20
I highly recommend this place, the staff are friendly and provided good service.
Cherie Amour
Cherie A.
21:56 02 Jul 20
VitaLounge is AWESOME. Staff is great and super friendly. Strongly recommend.
William Martineli
William M.
19:31 02 Jul 20
Stephanie Michel
Stephanie M.
19:09 02 Jul 20
Eileen and Mary are the best! Eileen is the best stick!
elizabeth beeland
elizabeth B.
18:11 02 Jul 20
Marie D.
Marie D.
17:48 02 Jul 20
Treatments offered at VitaLounge are fantastic there is something for everyone. My focus is on wellness and sustaining a healthy immune system . I feel great after every visit. The team is professional and kind and the facility is comfortable with reclining chairs and TV while you have your treatment ! I love visiting VitaLounge! I highly recommend!
Parisse Spelios
Parisse S.
23:40 28 Jun 20
Joshua Smith
Joshua S.
23:37 27 Jun 20
Jenn Dcosta
Jenn D.
18:38 27 Jun 20
Chari is amazing! I love going to VitaLounge. I always feel great after my treatments! I would highly recommend going to VitaLounge!
Devin Paul Leones
Devin Paul L.
21:43 25 Jun 20
This was my first time. The staff was very helpful and informative and guided me to the best drip for my needs. I will be back!
Scarlett Williams
Scarlett W.
16:42 25 Jun 20
Eileen was amazing!
Asmita Dev
Asmita D.
16:15 25 Jun 20
I had an awesome experience at VitaLounge! The nurse, Eileen, was really knowledgeable about all of the services. She got my IV on the first try which never happens for me! I will definitely be a returning customer. Next time I go I’m going to get an add on to my IV to give myself the full experience.
Chloe Smith
Chloe S.
16:08 25 Jun 20
I’ve had services here for a year and a half and only had positive experiences at this spa. It has been a key component in my healthy lifestyle. They’re professional and take the appropriate safety precautions in this environment. Vitalounge is a not only a necessity to wellness, but a wonderful addition to every health routine
TJ Phillips
11:43 25 Jun 20
Kristen Macnamara
Kristen M.
03:08 25 Jun 20
This office is very attentive and accommodating. Supports the needs of the community and hands guests complimentary masks, if they walk in without one. I never have more than a 15 minute wait, as a Walk-in guest. Will continue to support this office as a regular customer.
Carolyn Darr
Carolyn D.
23:27 24 Jun 20
20:44 24 Jun 20
Jeffery JOhnson
Jeffery J.
19:44 24 Jun 20
Robert Sabatino
Robert S.
19:43 24 Jun 20
Tanya Caffieri
Tanya C.
19:39 24 Jun 20
I was a little leary at first about a drip, but very glad I did it. It was painless and I felt energized!
Anne Gilmore
Anne G.
19:11 24 Jun 20
I love this place! It’s so clean and everyone is so professional.
Miranda Green
Miranda G.
19:08 24 Jun 20
Albert Gilmore
Albert G.
19:06 24 Jun 20
Cindy A
Cindy A
18:53 24 Jun 20
Eileen always knows exactly what I need. I always feel great after my infusions. This place is the best.
Dah Alk
Dah A.
18:50 24 Jun 20
Walked in to Vitalounge for prices, MaryRose was awesome and welcoming. I decided to buy the B12 package on Groupon! I am familiar with taking Vitamin B12 shots, it boosts my energy and as a group fitness teacher I swear by them. I am excited to also try there IV drips next time I visit.
Odaly Tineo
Odaly T.
04:21 23 Jun 20
This is my happy place and the nurses are always so nice. Thank you for always making my day!
Bailee Whitmarsh
Bailee W.
23:40 22 Jun 20
Cecily Betancourt
Cecily B.
22:11 22 Jun 20
Awesome place Chelsea and briana are the best and knowledgeable
Oskar Rodríguez
Oskar R.
22:02 22 Jun 20
Lauren Triani
Lauren T.
20:15 22 Jun 20
I love this place! The service is amazing and the quality of the product is so worth it. IV therapy made me feel refreshed and ready to take on the week! I loved my nurse Briana was especially amazing. Super kind and gentle. Also super funny! I already recommended this place to all of my friends, everyone should check it out!
ariel hershkovitz
ariel H.
18:43 22 Jun 20
The staff is friendly and informative. This is my go to place for boosting my immune system. Love it so much that i got both my daughters to begin going.
PB Ridgeway
15:17 21 Jun 20
Juan Carlos Salazar
Juan Carlos S.
15:12 21 Jun 20
I highly recommend vital lounge at winter park staff are very friendly and professional they absolutely very educated in everything they do .. I felt great every time I do my drip ... thank you so much Kate and Francesca
Catherine Bach
Catherine B.
15:09 21 Jun 20
Went for my first time yesterday. Im trying to lose weight and stay healthy. Next morning i felt amazing. Woke right up and my mood was so much calmer. Recommend everyone to try this place.
Ac Brent
Ac B.
14:13 18 Jun 20
Giuseppe Jay
Giuseppe J.
22:15 17 Jun 20
The staff is excellent and very caring. I can't wait to return to get more treatments.
Maria Garcia
Maria G.
01:07 17 Jun 20
I go here every week and get my own drip , I call it the cowboy drip . Keeps me healthy , balanced and covid 19 free. I recommend to anyone who lives a complex and rockstar life like me 🤠. Bella and the team always does an epic job
Justin Infurna
Justin I.
21:47 16 Jun 20
Very friendly staff and welcoming environment.
Brandon Pruss
Brandon P.
17:33 16 Jun 20
Rolls jean
Rolls J.
17:26 16 Jun 20
Loved my experience at VitaLounge Orlando this past weekend. Staff was beyond courteous and knowledgeable about the process and took their time to clearly explain the steps as we moved through the motions. As someone who struggles with general hydration and is looking to start fresh with a revamped workout, I knew that I could use a push towards that direction with the Signature Drip. After a day, I’m already feeling much better, ran longer this morning and feel less sore from my last few workouts.
Denisse Montoya
Denisse M.
20:11 15 Jun 20
Vitalounge is awesome! Everyone there is super friendly and knowledgeable.
Emily Holder
Emily H.
17:48 14 Jun 20
Jasmine was super friendly and very knowledgeable. Great experience!
FirstName LastName
FirstName L.
17:08 14 Jun 20
Alex Buell
Alex B.
21:34 13 Jun 20
Molly is an excellent professional, very delicate and polite. I recommend it with great pleasure. Vita is place very clean and organized.
Grace Wasth
Grace W.
17:51 12 Jun 20
I have a low B-12 deficiency, so I’d spent a lot of time researching different places where I can get injections to keep me right. VitaLounge Doctor Phillips-Orlando stood out as the best of the best from all of the reviews that I had read, so I checked them out first. There was never a need to go anywhere else. I drive a total of one hour and forty minutes once a week to VitaLounge because they provide everything that I was looking for. Once you walk in, the first thing you notice is how impeccably clean the place is. That is extremely important to me because if it’s a dirty environment, then it makes me wonder how their medical supplies are kept. Next, you meet the staff, and I have yet to meet a person here that I didn’t like. They are all professional, friendly, and caring. They are familiar with my situation and have offered advice that goes beyond just providing my injection or any other services that they offer.Lastly, their injections work. By the time I make it home, I can feel the effect that the injection has had on me. My focus actually becomes enhanced during the drive. I sleep better. I wake up energized. I’m no longer lethargic throughout the day. This will last me about 6-7 days, but I have a friend who will come with me often who does not have a B-12 deficiency, and her injection will provide positive results up to about ten days. I don’t know that I can recommend VitaLounge anymore than I already do. I feel like I’m writing an infomercial for them, but the level of happiness that I have with this place deserves this type of review.
Will Rivera
Will R.
17:52 11 Jun 20
Bliss Nails Spa WP
Bliss Nails Spa W.
20:28 09 Jun 20
Youssef Rabib
Youssef R.
20:17 09 Jun 20
Tina Tran
Tina T.
20:01 09 Jun 20
The ladies at VitaLounge was awesome and very helpful and knowledgeable I can’t wait to go back soon
Miralda Donatien
Miralda D.
19:13 09 Jun 20
What an amazing place. Super friendly and helpful staff.Love the health benefits and options. I am a weekly customer for life.
Executive Assistant
Executive A.
18:17 09 Jun 20
Isabella Katz
Isabella K.
18:58 08 Jun 20
First time at Vital lounge. Nice place. Got confused with Revival lounge but worked out in the end. If they gave foot massages when getting an IV hook up this place would get 6 stars.
Neal Wohltmann
Neal W.
18:18 04 Jun 20
Holly Clyburn
Holly C.
18:10 04 Jun 20
Great place for alternative health care. I recently got 2 injections because of a minor tendon sprain above my right ankle. They recommended a pain killer shot to help reduce pain and inflammation, and within a few days I was back to doing some light workouts. It really sped up my recovery. They staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and I barely even felt the shots!
Matt Harper
Matt H.
02:39 01 Jun 20
Awsome experience! Eileen, RN took great care of us. Already feeling much better 🙂
Halls of Amenti
Halls of A.
21:26 30 May 20
Eileen at Lake Mary Vitalounge gave me the perfect experience for my vitamin c/ immune system infusion. I have proven to be a difficult case for many labs trying to draw blood. Yet she very professionally and without pain or any searching around, inserted the needle. My time was relaxing and comforting. If one can accomplish that with needles, they have done quite well. And yes. I appreciate the boost that the infusion gives me.
Robert Marshall
Robert M.
16:45 30 May 20
Thanks for the great IV recommendations. Will definitely be back.
Grant Gregory
Grant G.
16:27 30 May 20
Love this place! Bring a blanket if doing IV you will get cold due to the fluids.
Makaela Mcdermott
Makaela M.
03:45 24 May 20
Lolo Pone
Lolo P.
22:52 23 May 20
Chantel Gonzalez
Chantel G.
22:02 23 May 20
I highly recommend VitaLounge! The nurses are awesome and I always feel amazing after my IV therapies.
Briana Paglia
Briana P.
17:24 23 May 20
Eve Maldonado
Eve M.
20:42 22 May 20
This was my first time ever doing an IV therapy and I was very satisfied with my experience. The staff was knowledgeable and professional, and the facility was very welcoming, clean, and relaxing. I felt that the product selected for me after consulting with the staff immediately improved my energy and mood, and that its benefits could be felt for much longer than I expected. I'm looking forward to trying different therapies at this VitaLounge location and I'm excited for my next visit.
Austin Shaw
Austin S.
19:34 22 May 20
Everyone is Amazing here. They really care about you...
christine loflin
christine L.
17:53 22 May 20
VitaLounge is always a pleasant and professional experience! I personally Love popping in for a quick b complex shot often for the amazing instant energy. The facility is clean. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. And I am so glad for this new closer location in Lake Mary!
Emily Saker
Emily S.
23:29 21 May 20
Phyllis Cohen
Phyllis C.
20:14 21 May 20
Awesome place! Very friendly and helpful staff.
Rose Chapman
Rose C.
16:52 20 May 20
This was my first visit and will not be the last. I received the Signature Drip with a few added amino's and I feel great. Woke up feeling more energized and overall just better. This will be a regular monthly visit for me. Super clean facility and very friendly staff.
James Harrelson
James H.
14:20 20 May 20
Eileen was very thorough and professional she explained all of the services perfectly. The shots were painless and I feel great! I will definitely return to try the IV. Thank you!
Eden mariah
Eden M.
14:09 20 May 20
I'm currently battling Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The staff are incredibly friendly, the process was smooth and simple. I'll be back. Highly recommend!
Sean & Stef
Sean & S.
00:44 20 May 20
The staff at this location was super friendly and attentive. I am so happy that they have a location closer to where I live.
Otilia Thornhill
Otilia T.
23:10 19 May 20
I’ve gone to the Lake Mary location now 4 times and I’m absolutely happy with the service, the staff and the overall treatment I receive each time I go there. I’ve done IV infusion and weekly vitamin injections and they have been so helpful for me. I was so sick and dealing with vitamin deficiencies for months, I was in and out of the hospital and since I started these weekly therapies I haven’t had to go to the so grateful for this amazing place and will keep this as a part of my weekly schedule.
Luz Ace
Luz A.
03:28 18 May 20
Clean, friendly, helpful, and efficient. I come here often and I've never had a bad experience. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Effie B.
Effie B.
20:27 17 May 20
I love this place! Everything is so clean, the employees are amazing, and the environment is relaxing. I feel great when I leave and they rarely leave a bruise from the iv (and I bruise very easily). My skin looks better after and I have more energy. I recommend this to friends and family all the time.
Sara Ebersole
Sara E.
17:51 15 May 20
I absolutely love the Vita Lounge in Doctor Phillips. I in have been here several times, and every time has been amazing. The staff here are absolutely friendly, warm, and more then helpful. They make your experience here a memorable one. The treatments here are exceptional as well. I always feel better every time!
Nathanael Hernandez
Nathanael H.
14:36 15 May 20
Great experience! The nurses took their time to explain details about what’s best for my mom and I. They were kind and very friendly. Definitely looking forward to coming back soon.
Rasheedah Muhammad
Rasheedah M.
17:25 13 May 20
I’ve received nothing but GREAT service. They offer iv drips and quick injections. I've visited a number of times and anyone I have encountered at the Lake Mary location has been so kind and knowledgeable. Love how close I am to this new location too. Thanks!
Brittany Lauren
Brittany L.
21:25 06 May 20
I’ve received nothing but GREAT service. They offer iv drips and quick injections. I've visited a number of times and anyone I have encountered at VitaLounge Lake Mary has been so kind and knowledgeable. Love how close I am to this new location too. Thanks!
Brittany Henson
Brittany H.
21:22 06 May 20
Will visit again! Thanks Eileen!!
Myle Doan
Myle D.
23:46 04 May 20
Matthew Brabham
Matthew B.
23:14 04 May 20
The staff and Elieen customer service was great and very patient with every question I asked about the IV and injections explain everything very well
Angie B
Angie B
22:51 04 May 20
I have a autoimmune disease and I ended up being severely dehydrated and in pain. I knew if I could just get a boost I didn’t need the ER. Chelsea was amazing and attentive as I’d called that morning and asked what she recommended- I did the jet lag and it was well worth the cost. And cheaper and more effective than the ER would have been as I was able to get vitamins and pain killers to help my inflammation. My headache was gone before I even left and I looked and felt more human. I recommend this for anyone who’s just feeling run down and wants a boost. My roommate even got her own drip with me. And she felt better as well!
Katherine Ruble
Katherine R.
00:12 02 May 20
This was my first time doing something like this. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I loved it! The lounge is clean, bright and comfortable. The staff was friendly and explained the products, process and pricing. I’m definitely going back.
Julie J Latayan
Julie J L.
23:40 30 Apr 20
I’ve been to other IV lounges and Vitalounge is by far the best. I’m not the easiest “stick” and Eileen is awesome! She never has an issue, only having to try once. She and the other nurses are very knowledgeable and I will continue coming!
Susan Minter
Susan M.
20:49 29 Apr 20
Great experience. Hands down will be back again and again.
Ally Morris
Ally M.
22:21 22 Apr 20
Collisa Astle
Collisa A.
17:14 19 Apr 20
This facility is beyond clean and the staff is very kind and helpful! Definitely recommend! We decided to get vitamin C injections and are going to continue to receive further treatment and eventually infusions. Very pleasant experience! Thank you so much!
Erin Schneider
Erin S.
22:03 11 Apr 20
Amazing results and friendly staff♥️♥️
Sophia Maarouf
Sophia M.
14:43 07 Apr 20
as always a great staff and very professional. will continue to come here for a quick and easy way to boost my immune system
Hillary Marie Ross
Hillary Marie R.
21:59 31 Mar 20
great guest experience will be going back i got the vital Immune drip
Kellie Bauer
Kellie B.
20:29 13 Mar 20
Always up to try something new!
Tanuja Girdhari
Tanuja G.
19:45 05 Mar 20
Went in with a headache came out with it gone. Staff very informative and takes a while to feel the effects but you will notice a difference. Very relaxing.
Josette Bernarducci
Josette B.
22:47 20 Oct 19
The whole staff is amazing!
Pan Dora
Pan D.
14:48 15 Sep 19
VitaLounge has been wonderful experience for me. I usually get Meyers cocktail which is a blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and it has helped me immensely. The staff I s incredibly attentive to my needs and gave great recommendations. The facility is very clean, nurses are profesional. I go to have this infusion once a month. I highly recommend VitaLounge.
Martha Quinonez
Martha Q.
19:51 31 Aug 19
I found VitaLounge on Groupon and I’m so happy I did their slim shot has helped me lose 27 pounds and their skin recovery is helping improve my overall skin appearance and prevent breakouts thank you VitaLounge you are amazing!
Shannon Dinkins
Shannon D.
16:57 20 Aug 19
my first time coming in and both Ashley and Amanda made it a great experience. They were friendly helpful and pleasant made me feel welcome and comfortable. I would go back for more treatments with the extra benefits of their beautiful smiles.
Reg Padgett Home Lender
Reg Padgett Home L.
23:02 19 Jul 19
I have been to the Winter Park location 3 times. Shelbi, Sam & Ashley are awesome, they make you feel extremely comfortable. The hangover bag is awesome! You feel better before even leaving the lounge! Highly recommend.
Jennyy Bee
Jennyy B.
00:06 17 May 19
Best place to get your immune system bolstered! I have been a client for almost 2 years and they are fabulous! The menu options are abundant and Ashley is 2nd generation super-knowledgeable! My fav is a super high dose of vitamin c, with glutathione which breaks the blood/brain barrier. Most people don't even know that the brain requires hydration to keep the myelin sheaths pliable and in optimum working order. This article (below) is a bit clinical, keep reading to learn more:
Betsy Gordon
Betsy G.
11:18 07 Apr 19
VitaLounge has been wonderful for me. I usually get Vitamin complex and B12 shots and it has helped me immensely. Shelby was incredibly attentive to my needs and gave great recommendations. I love the shots and come every week!!
Bella Maia
Bella M.
20:59 31 Mar 19
was treated like a princess! what more could I ask for? will definitely be back.
Melissa Bowman
Melissa B.
03:10 13 Jan 19
After being diagnosed with a B12 deficiency I’ve been getting shots here for just over a month. Everyone is super friendly and it’s always quick and painless. Other treatments are a bit pricier but the B12 is very affordable even for my tight budget. One of these days I will try one of the IVs though! Feeling so much better than a month ago. Highly recommend!
Kristen Sellers
Kristen S.
04:50 17 Dec 18
Been doing it three monthsMagic know but helps YES.Gym energy better and feel somewhat better.Try it out!!!Good place. Highly recommended!!!Need that kick once a month.I no doubt!!!🇺🇸🙏👍💪👌😆
Amondo Sapiro
Amondo S.
18:34 28 Oct 18
I actually took my grandmother who is 74 to VitaLounge because she is always is becoming dehydrated. The courteousness of the nurses is amazing. I ended up getting her the signature drip and she was like a new woman! She's now telling all of the family, her doctor's, and others about her IV drip! She loved it!
Ashley McGowan
Ashley M.
02:47 18 Sep 18
Thank you for the wonderful experience at Vitalounge!I really enjoyed meeting all if you.The IV vitamins are helping my 91 year old body and mind.Thank you again!Margaret
Margery Wry
Margery W.
00:41 18 Sep 18
Outstanding staff.. Very clean and peaceful environment. Definitely will be back.
Christopher Gore Boyd-Shaver
Christopher Gore B.
16:00 20 Aug 18
my first b12 injection today!!! Thank you Ashley for Helping me through my needle phobia! Beautiful office great staff!!
Cathy Cashier
Cathy C.
02:33 27 Jul 18
This was my first visit while on vacation and it has been so pleasant. Jasmin and Hannah were so amazing and professional and made me feel super comfortable about my first time! The lounge is super clean and inviting, on top of relaxing. I would recommend anyone coming in to try it out! I feel so refreshed and my joint aches and headache are gone!
Murphi Gregory Kirchner
Murphi Gregory K.
16:43 21 Jul 18
Amazing staff!
Cheri Black Waheed
Cheri Black W.
20:56 18 Jul 18
This was my first time trying IV Therapy! I will be back! Samantha and Jessica were so helpful and created the best combination for me! Thank you.
Dawn Cannon
Dawn C.
19:58 05 Jul 18
Kristen and Samanta RN, are welcoming, knowledgeable in iv therapy, I had prior experiences where I was stuck five times and bruises disappeared within few weeks, this time she had the iv catheter in one attempt. Cozy atmosphere. I highly recomend VitaLounge for iv infusion.
Martha Quinonez
Martha Q.
19:05 22 Jun 18
This is an awesome place! Staff is very kind and professional, they take care of you. The therapies work wonders! I totally recommend it!!!
Esperanza Severeyn
Esperanza S.
17:11 11 Jun 18
Fraudulent sales on Groupon. Not recommended. Do not use. A complaint with BBB will be submitted. ****Update: there has been a satisfactory resolution. Thank you R for the quick response and the attention this matter needed****
Greg Barreras
Greg Barreras
19:26 27 May 18
Been here a couple of times the place is very nice clean, on Sunday’s is really busy. The girls are all super nice and friendly. Thank you!
Yoly Magallanes
Yoly M.
19:05 12 May 18
Had a GREAT experience there! Professional, clean and attentive!
Karyn Elizabeth
Karyn E.
20:35 24 Mar 18
Kristen & Samantha were wonderful!! First class experience!! Will be back in one month!! Thank you ladies for your hospitality!!
Tina Campana
Tina C.
19:58 18 Mar 18
James Steele
James S.
16:59 25 Feb 18
My favorite IV Therapy business ever! Both locations are exceptional! Sarasota and Orlando! Very professional staff and cute I must say! Lol! Very clean and comfortable! They are always happy to see you and make each trip a great experience! To Ashley and Kristin it’s a double thumbs up! See ya next week!
Tom Yeaman
Tom Y.
23:11 24 Feb 18
James Underwood
James U.
17:21 18 Feb 18
Love love love, the ladies here. They are diligent, welcoming, hardworking but still slows down enough to remember your name and health goals. I went in for the hcg diet and they clearly explained what I should expect with it. Great place!
Glenn Lubin
Glenn L.
00:39 28 Jan 18
SO GOOD! I feel so much better and it's been a few days since my treatment (I got the signature blend) - more energy and just so good for your body. 🙂
Destiny Quinn
Destiny Q.
20:29 21 Nov 17
Should have found this place sooner. Has done wonders for my family.
Jay Hinish
Jay H.
20:38 21 Oct 17
Jeff Clark
Jeff C.
17:29 18 Oct 17
Andrea Maa
Andrea M.
02:05 15 Oct 17
Doing B-12 shots weekly and getting a good boost of energy! Great staff!
Joseph Wilson
Joseph W.
17:24 12 Oct 17
First time in and it was a great experience. Ashley was super helpful explaining all the options. Will be back.
Stephanie Nickitas
Stephanie N.
21:56 20 Aug 17
Jennifer Montgomery
Jennifer M.
20:06 20 Aug 17
BEST things you can do for your body! I get treatments once a week, they come to my home, helps my diagnosis better than any prescriptions ever do for me. Best thing, my heart rate immediately gets normal, blood pressure normalizes, mental clarity and body and well being just feels incredible within an hour after the IV. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! You have 1 body, do it a favor and treat it well! All natural high dose vitamins, best thing you can do for yourself. I was skeptical at first but once I seen how I felt and seen my blood pressure drop, sugar was better, anxiety attacks went away, and the focus and mental clarity is great.... I will continue getting it done weekly for the rest of my life! Give it a try, you won't regret it, and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS INSTANTLY! Even my dry skin cleared up!! Staff is wonderful as well.
Dave Santarelli
Dave S.
22:40 17 Aug 17
Had been battling the flu unsuccessfully for the last month. Went to a conventional care center took the prescriptions against my better judgment as I have never taken pharmaceutical medication in my life. As a result they had no effect on this flu. My mother in law recommended that I go to Orlando IV Lounge and see Ashley. I did and I wish I had done it when I first starting feeling that I was getting sick. Ashley gave me the virus drip and after about an hour I was already feeling 60% better. Today, I can see the end of this horrible flu. I feel 90% better!!! Please dont waste time or money on copays and cold remedies, go see Ashley at Orlando IV Lounge the minute you think you are getting sick and she can save you so much pain, grief and money!!!Thank you Orlando IV Lounge! You have a customer for life! Can't wait to try the Athlete Drip!!!
Jon Martin
Jon M.
14:25 01 May 17
What an awesome experience! Haven't felt this good in years! This will definitely be part of my weekly routine from now on! I highly recommend that you give them a try! You won't be disappointed!! Ashley will pick just the right cocktail for your needs!!
Ma Dukes
Ma D.
11:40 01 May 17
Mariela Hill
Mariela H.
23:19 19 Apr 17
Awesome experience, great staff will DEFINITELY be back
Lauren Triani
Lauren T.
18:40 21 Mar 17
Ashley at Orlando IV Lounge is knowledgeable, friendly and not to mention beautiful! I felt fantastic after my "Spa Treatment" IV cocktail! I highly recommend it when you're feeling stressed and a bit under the weather. I had so much energy by the next day and just generally felt great!! Everyone should get their healthy dose of IV vitamins at Orlando IV Lounge!!
Desiree Strong
Desiree S.
03:58 24 Feb 17
Teresa Staiano
Teresa S.
19:55 18 Jan 17
Went in to see what they offered after feeling runned down. Ashley was a wonderfully polite , Caring and knowledgeable about all the products and drips offered.I can't wait to go back to try all the other of offerings.100% class acts and professional!
Chris Trosper
Chris T.
00:09 12 Jul 16
My experience at Drip was fantastic! I love that they have so many different options of IV's to choose from, and Ashley had such knowledge on what was best for me. It had a relaxing atmosphere, and for someone that is scared of needles, it was absolutely painless! I can't wait to go back for another one soon!
Emily Saker
Emily S.
00:53 07 Jun 16