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From: $225.00 30 minutes
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Infuse your body through IV therapy with maximum doses of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. This IV therapy treatment delivers a high dose of essential nutrients that have been shown to improve cardiovascular circulation. Speed up healing and recovery time. And aid in increasing protein absorption. Amino acids have been shown to promote muscle repair and growth, as well as increase focus and physical stamina.

Key Nutrients

Amino Acid Blend (5 total)

      • Targets muscle growth, heals the lining of the intestines improving overall digestion, improves mental clarity
      • Have been shown to increase cellular growth and repair, may increase blood flow to the heart, fights inflammation, repairs blood vessels, improves immune function, may lower high blood pressure, naturally increases Nitric Oxide, helps treat erectile dysfunction, can boost Human Growth Hormone release
      • Mental and physical energy, reduces brain fog, heart health, enhances focus
      • Promotes cellular regeneration, tissue repair, and collagen building

Vitamin C

      • Collagen building, reduces inflammation, ligament and tendon health, mitochondria support, naturally lowers blood pressure

Mineral Blend (4 total)

      • Strong bone health, immune support, stress relief, heart health, Thyroid support, naturally treats anxiety, mitochondria support

Variety of B vitamins (8 total)

    • Energy production, metabolism, convert food into energy, increase RBC’s, immune support, mental clarity, improve low mood, mitochondria support

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