Skin Repair

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From: $150.00 30 minutes
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Try our Skin Repair IV therapy if you are looking to naturally lighten skin complexion and improve the appearance of fine lines and sun damage! This proprietary blend of vitamins, which includes high doses of Vitamin C and Glutathione, has been shown to help stimulate collagen production, dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines, and help your skin achieve a natural glow. It may also lighten skin complexion, even out skin tone, and improve the appearance of dark spots or sun damage.

Key Nutrients


  • The most powerful antioxidant, glutathione, is involved in fighting free-radicals and reducing age related skin conditions; it may help improve overall skin tone and complexion, detoxify pathways and support healthy liver functioning, while removing brown spots, and boosting immune function.

Vitamin C

  • Helps build collagen, essential for healthy skin.

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