PainKiller IV Infusion

IV Infusion Details

From: $200.00 30 minutes

Get lasting relief from pain with our IV Painkiller infusion.

Powerful, natural pain relievers & anti-inflammatory meds support mitochondria to nourish cells, while easing chronic joint & muscle pain. May promote relief from pain or discomfort caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, headache & migraines.

Benefits of PainKiller

Aside from providing relief from chronic joint and muscle pain, PainKiller may also alleviate pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, and migraine.

PainKiller Is for You

If you have chronic joint or muscle pain and want a longer-lasting, natural alternative to over-the-counter medication, this IV pain relief treatment is for you.

People with chronic regional pain syndrome may also benefit from the vitamin C included in this treatment.

VitaLounge makes no representation that the experiences reported on this website are typical, your bodies are unique and the results you may experience from receiving IV drips will be unique as well. Results will vary.

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Amazing, friendly, helpful staff. Great experience all around. Super clean facility. Will be back!
jill M.
jill M.
21:00 22 Oct 21
Ira H.
Ira H.
16:11 22 Oct 21
yaque M
yaque M
18:37 21 Oct 21
Saroat R.
Saroat R.
14:43 19 Oct 21
A wonderful, professional, caring staff and lovely facility. My mother was terribly anxious and feeling weak upon arrival, but just the kindness of the staff alone made a huge difference; in particular I have to mention MaryRose who was genuinely like an angel come to earth.Don't hesitate to go here!
Manuel R.
Manuel R.
14:14 18 Oct 21

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