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From: $75.00 30 minutes
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Water accounts for 60 percent of your body and is essential to every cell. As a result, proper hydration is needed for every function in the body to operate at optimal levels. This solution delivers an optimal balance of hydration and electrolytes perfect for travel preparation, reversing dehydration, and improving the appearance of dry skin.

Key Nutrients


  • Hydration is critical in aiding the body’s ability to function properly

VitaLounge makes no representation that the experiences reported on this website are typical, your bodies are unique and the results you may experience from receiving IV drips will be unique as well. Results will vary.

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as always a great staff and very professional. will continue to come here for a quick and easy way to boost my immune system
Hillary Marie Ross
Hillary Marie R.
21:59 31 Mar 20
Tiona Chambers
Tiona C.
00:47 17 Mar 20
Sujey Santiago
Sujey S.
13:23 16 Mar 20
Clean ,professional and friendly group. I enjoyed my visit.
Dennis Pelaez
Dennis P.
02:34 16 Mar 20
Susan Minter
Susan M.
15:17 15 Mar 20
Everyone was so nice. This will be my new weekly spot.
lawanda gandy
lawanda G.
14:51 15 Mar 20
So glad this location is here now... Have been waiting over a yr 😊. They're absolutely great.. Highly recommend. They have the best and highest quality and mg per treatment... I've done my research. Don't trust just anyone when it comes to your body.
Lisa Boodhoo
Lisa B.
14:22 15 Mar 20
Ameira Fargally
Ameira F.
00:20 15 Mar 20
great guest experience will be going back i got the vital Immune drip
Kellie Bauer
Kellie B.
20:29 13 Mar 20
April Joyce
April J.
16:28 13 Mar 20
Friendly staff...must visit! 👍🏼
C Esperon
C E.
06:04 13 Mar 20
Amazing and caring staff! Today was my first time going and it’s not going to be my last; i feel brand new.
Sasha Ramos Medina
Sasha Ramos M.
01:40 13 Mar 20
Charilyn was so nice and professional! Great experience overall! Felt great after my therapy at VitaLounge
beatriz brum
beatriz B.
17:53 12 Mar 20
I was so happy to find out we have such a place locally as I have been interested in the ability to obtain Vitamin C IVs. And the new Lake Mary location was very convenient. I was able to get right in that day and was very impressed with the appearance of the place as well as the two wonderful ladies running it. Francheska and Jasmine were both very accommodating and friendly but also very professional. Thank you!
Barbara Wallace
Barbara W.
15:43 12 Mar 20
Very professional and caring staff. This is my go to place for vitamin supplements. Injections are gently administered. Lounge/clinic is very clean and visually pleasing. If you need a boost, give them a call. My family and I have not been disappointed. Thanks Chelsea and Chari!
G R Murrell
G R M.
20:57 11 Mar 20
Chelsea and Chari are incredibly lovely! They’re very friendly and made the whole experience super comfortable. The ladies were very knowledgeable on what was offered. I’m definitely coming back!
Genesis Majesty
Genesis M.
19:43 11 Mar 20
Fabulous place to getting your body recharged internally! Love the ladies ❤️ Chelsea and Chari A must go to spot! Try them out
Jessy A. Correa
Jessy A. C.
19:42 11 Mar 20
It was my first time there and I really enjoyed the experience. I got the Vita immune IV and already feel better from my cold/runny nose. Plus the staff is very friendly and professional. And the office was nice and clean and just very positive atmosphere. I'll be returning soon!
Melissa Johnson
Melissa J.
18:07 11 Mar 20
What an amazing place! Thank you for all your attention Francheska, I will be coming back.
Jammy Bell Strong
Jammy Bell S.
19:17 10 Mar 20
Brian goulet
Brian G.
21:30 09 Mar 20
So happy they opened up a location in Lake Mary. I’ve been going to the Winter Park location for a couple of years. The Lake Mary location is larger and also has a private room. Meticulously clean like the Winter Park location. Super friendly and attentive staff and they are really good at sticking you without you hardly feeling it. Always feel great when I leave.
Kevin Adams
Kevin A.
21:07 09 Mar 20
Very nice and clean place in Winter Park. Service was excellent. Nurse wa very professional. Affordable prices. I will definitely keep on coming. Thanks Molly!
Amy Meltz
Amy M.
17:35 09 Mar 20
Got my first IV yesterday after feeling extremely sick and felt drastically better afterwards. Molly was very knowledgeable and knew exactly which IV would be best suited for me based on my symptoms. She was extremely friendly, made sure i was comfortable, and had a smile on her face the entire time. Definitely recommend VitaLounge from both the service they provide and the great staff.
Korey Klimezky
Korey K.
21:55 08 Mar 20
19:55 08 Mar 20
Congrats on the new location in lake Mary! We’re so excited they opened up a new location closer to our house. We love VitaLounge! The staff is always amazing at every location and the lounging area is super comfortable. Almost feels as comfortable as just sitting in your own home and walking out feeling like a whole new person! Thank you for being so awesome!
Hannah Garza
Hannah G.
16:33 08 Mar 20
Made a late appt, soon as I walked in felt very welcomed. Molly was very helpful explaining everything to me giving me all my options and not pressuring me into anything I didn't want. Very knowledgeable in what was best for my needs. Will definitely be going back again.
Natasha O'Neal
Natasha O.
23:47 07 Mar 20
Kate was awesome and I thoroughly enjoy my experience at VitaLounge Winter Park. It was my first time and I will be back. The signature drip did the trick for what I was looking for!
Courtney Maloney
Courtney M.
03:47 07 Mar 20
I had such an amazing experience at VL! I always felt 100% after getting my IV therapies! The nurses are very knowledgeable and kind. I always look forward to coming in!
Charilyn Dusaban
Charilyn D.
23:20 06 Mar 20
Quick, painless, and professional. Our nurse Molly was awesome made the experience comfortable and fun!
Daniel C
Daniel C
21:59 06 Mar 20
Great and friendly staff ! Go over and beyond to make sure you have a great experience ! Highly recommended !
Courtney Washington
Courtney W.
20:46 05 Mar 20
Always up to try something new!
Tanuja Girdhari
Tanuja G.
19:45 05 Mar 20
Vitalounge is in my opinion the best! This location is incredible the staff are very knowledgeable, kind and inviting. The space is immaculately clean and very comfortable. I will continue to visit not only this location but the others as well.
David Melendez
David M.
19:21 05 Mar 20
I walked in there on my lunch hour and the very attentive staff had me in and out in no time flat. Very informative and very personable. 2 thumbs up!!
Jose Rodriguez
Jose R.
19:12 05 Mar 20
Love love love Vitalounge Lake Mary! Thank you Francheska for your time and kindness. 110% recommend
mix mix
mix M.
17:27 05 Mar 20
Love the atmosphere, will be coming back again! Loved the positive energy
francheska plaza
francheska P.
17:26 05 Mar 20
Lia Moretti
Lia M.
15:39 05 Mar 20
Dylan Cooper
Dylan C.
01:54 05 Mar 20
Highly recommended!!! Eileen was very professional, knowledgeable, and provided excellent customer service. If you haven’t been it’s a must try.. I’ll definitely be making another appointment!!
Steven Cardinal
Steven C.
01:01 05 Mar 20
Great place. Very clean and staff was beyond professional. Will definitely recommend and use again.
jason somppi
jason S.
00:49 05 Mar 20
This place is great!
Paul Hammerl
Paul H.
23:45 04 Mar 20
Jeremy Gaines
Jeremy G.
23:20 04 Mar 20
I recommend this place to everyone. Such a great experience with a wonderful staff to match!
nicholas thompson
nicholas T.
22:47 04 Mar 20
Went here on a friends recommendation because I was hungover from the night before and I’m so happy I listened to her. I felt a million times better afterwards. Eileen was very knowledgeable, friendly, and took care of me especially since I know nothing of this stuff. Definitely will remember her the next time I forget the entire night!
Terry McAfee
Terry M.
22:47 04 Mar 20
Angela Pattison
Angela P.
22:45 04 Mar 20
Lydia Weeks
Lydia W.
22:21 04 Mar 20
Molly is an excellent professional, very delicate and polite. I recommend it with great pleasure. Vita is place very clean and organized.
Grace Wasth
Grace W.
20:56 04 Mar 20
Thank you Eileen for educating me on the different options in injections before deciding on a B12/taurine combo. I am feeling great the next day and can’t wait to go back to the VitaLounge Lake Mary.
Kyla Lee
Kyla L.
15:42 04 Mar 20
Carl Lewis
Carl L.
03:12 04 Mar 20
Wonderful staff and atmosphere!
Stephanie Reilly
Stephanie R.
20:11 03 Mar 20
Eileen is the best!!!! I had a few too many the night before and after visiting her she made me feel so refreshed and healthy that I was ready for happy hour! 100% would recommend.
Deborah Ng
Deborah N.
19:23 03 Mar 20
I love VitaLounge!! This is my go to spot for a pick me up. Eileen took care of me and I cant say enough about how knowledgeable and professional she was. I've already made my next apt!!
Joanna Richardson
Joanna R.
18:01 03 Mar 20
The staff is amazing!
talya johnson
talya J.
18:43 02 Mar 20
The BEST place to get an IV or vitamin injections. I’ve been coming here for over 1 year and the staff is the absolute best. If you’re thinking about getting an IV or vitamin shot treatments, come here. They’ll explain everything and treat you right.
Levon B
Levon B
22:18 28 Feb 20
Michelle Kane
Michelle K.
21:50 27 Feb 20
janira rodriguez
janira R.
17:45 26 Feb 20
anthony florez
anthony F.
16:33 23 Feb 20
Very process-oriented and committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals. What made it a five star experience was the efficiency in everything. Consent forms let me fill out my paperwork digitally without the need to write everything by hand. I'll be back.
Stephen Levy
Stephen L.
23:04 22 Feb 20
Merrill Frailey
Merrill F.
12:48 22 Feb 20
I love going to VitaLounge, I always feel good when I leave, the staff is friendly and quick to explain things.
Kelly Weatherholt
Kelly W.
05:08 22 Feb 20
I’ve been going to VitaLounge in winter park ever since they opened several years ago! I can’t say enough about how great this place is! Amazing staff, gorgeous facility, super comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The service is not Exactly cheap but they do have tons of options and I mean really, can you put a price on good health and feeling great? My suggestion for anyone who is thinking about trying it out is to DO IT!! the owners are really cool as well!
Brian goulet
Brian G.
23:27 21 Feb 20
This was my first time and they answer all my questions and made me at ease. I would recommend and will be back.
Glen Hyde
Glen H.
22:39 21 Feb 20
Eileen and Kate are very knowledgeable RNs and were super friendly helping me make the appointment for my mom. Will def come back! 🙂
Angela Pattison
Angela P.
21:28 21 Feb 20
Had a great experience. Referred to the Winter Park location upon dropping into the Lake Mary location prior to grand opening. Eileen was super nice and I highly recommend Vitalounge!
Bradley Pike
Bradley P.
21:00 21 Feb 20
My experience with VitaLounge is been great. The first time was a few months ago that they did an awesome Groupon Deal for B12 shots. And today I went in to get vitamin D shots, since I have a deficiency and vitamin pills where not working great. I hope with the shots works better! I’ll be coming back to get more services! Thank you Eileen for everything today! ☺️
Maria Castro
Maria C.
00:27 21 Feb 20
Very nice area for the drip very comfortable, the staff is nice and remember guests from previous visits. A lot of options for your IV as well.
Sean Smith
Sean S.
22:21 20 Feb 20
AMAZING experience! Chelsea and Molly made my day!!
Shaina Otero-Strouts
Shaina O.
21:06 20 Feb 20
Nurses are very knowledgeable and proficient. Love it!!
Cathy Hurn
Cathy H.
20:40 20 Feb 20
Great service, super clean, informative and the treatment really worked. Kate was my RN and she is as amazing ! I’m be back
Dan Grieb
Dan G.
18:37 20 Feb 20
Nicole N
Nicole N
18:11 20 Feb 20
Meghan Graff
Meghan G.
17:09 20 Feb 20
Amazing!!!! Love this place!!!
Michelle Quinn
Michelle Q.
15:58 20 Feb 20
Lindsay Ryder
Lindsay R.
17:13 19 Feb 20
Desiree Yates
Desiree Y.
23:00 14 Feb 20
excited for a drip 🤗💪 😁 ...........
Laura Simone Camacho
Laura Simone C.
22:30 13 Feb 20
Had a great experience here! I brought in my sick fiancee closer to their closing time and they accomodated us with grace and kindness. The place is clean and the staff was great! 10/10 would recommend.
Kristyn Schuller
Kristyn S.
17:13 07 Feb 20
I was starting to feel like I had a cold... sore ears, light fever, runny nose... then I called VitaLounge! A very professional and personable RN named Angela showed up at my hotel and hooked me up to an IV treatment loaded with Vitamin C, B-12, and a “g word” I can’t remember... within 30 min I was feeling better! Highly recommended for any traveling salesperson that spends time on airplanes! Thanks for the awesome and personal service... if I’m in Orlando... I’ll be back and maybe even try the lounge rather than the at home service!
David DiNuccio
David D.
23:09 05 Feb 20
I highly recommend vital lounge at winter park staff are very friendly and professional they absolutely very educated in everything they do .. I felt great every time I do my drip ... thank you so much Kate and Francesca
Catherine Bach
Catherine B.
20:50 05 Feb 20
I’m so glad I found this place I’m looking forward every month to get one VI done the girls are so patient and friendly I have all my family done the vitamins injections They love itI give then the gift of life
reinasuyapa@gmail.com Reinasuyapa@gmail.com
reinasuyapa@gmail.com R.
20:22 05 Feb 20
Literally the nicest people ever! Shelbi is the sweetest and always eager to help. This place changed my life. I used to have to inject myself with b12, I have a deficiency, but now whenever I need a pick me up, I make an appointment and am in and out in 15 minutes. Also, it’s so easy to make an appointment! I make mine online. You can also just walk in. Seriously, this place is amazing.
Ann Hall
Ann H.
17:08 27 Jan 20
The nurses are amazing. Great customer service and really good at what they do. Made me feel completely comfortable.
Tracey Dorn
Tracey D.
23:51 23 Jan 20
LIFECHANGING. I came into Vitalounge super dehydrated and the girls that were working knew just how to help. I did the Vitahydrate IV and honestly felt amazing afterwards. The girls were super sweet and made the process simple and enjoyable!
Christian Renda
Christian R.
03:35 20 Jan 20
It was my first time and I must say it was one of the best. I usually bruise easily and no marks were left. That means they did good when putting the needle. They were super nice and answered any questions I had without hesitation. I will definitely be going back for me. Thanks so much ladies❤️*Update 1/14/2020: I did the vitaslim IV. It has some slim shot in it. If I tell you I started to notice that I would go hours without feeling hungry at all. I can literally wake up at 7am n it's 3 pm n force myself to have at least a shake. I honestly can't believe the results in just days. I highly recommend these IV and /or the shot!!! It's amazing.. can't wait to go back for more🤗🤗🤗🤗
Angie Morales
Angie M.
02:16 17 Jan 20
I have been going to the VitaLounge in winter park for the past 8 months on a regular basis and the product knowledge, kindness, compassion and overall experience with the team had been stellar! It’s now a wonderful part of my life and I highly recommend it. I’m always looking for an edge for my performance and this is part of my edge. Love and light, mj
Manny Johnson
Manny J.
01:45 16 Jan 20
Juan Carlos Salazar
Juan Carlos S.
00:57 14 Jan 20
Ana Carolina Salazar
Ana Carolina S.
18:11 13 Jan 20
Very professional, very quick, and I feel much more hydrated. Would recommend to anyone who may be sick and is having trouble taking fluids.
Jason Andujar
Jason A.
17:01 13 Jan 20
carlos salazar
carlos S.
21:42 12 Jan 20
awesome place to go for a quick pick-me-up 😉
haley christie
haley C.
21:27 12 Jan 20
brendan kelly
brendan K.
16:23 12 Jan 20
I stopped in today for my usual vitamin C and glutathione, and Melanie and Chelsea took great care of me. They were so efficient and thoughtful of my personal comfort my entire visit. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for treatment!
Ryan Harmon
Ryan H.
22:41 11 Jan 20
Chloe Ruiz
Chloe R.
18:56 11 Jan 20
Love it here-whether I feel like I’m getting sick or low energy, this helps so much. Ashley is amazing!!!!!!!
Nicole Moberg
Nicole M.
18:15 11 Jan 20
I absolutely love this place!! The staff is amazing and the services are gold! This is a great place to revitalize your energy and replenish your nutrients. I highly recommend anyone to give this lounge a try, you won't be disappointed.
LaTonya Dennis
LaTonya D.
16:57 11 Jan 20
Best Birthday present to myself. Already meeting New Year goals. Very professional staff and environment. Easy in and out. Highly recommend to everyone. I feel great. Thanks VitaLounge.
Nathan Gilbert
Nathan G.
16:39 11 Jan 20
The staff at Vitalounge is wonderful. Facility clean and comfortable. Great place to go and get a pick me up whenever I feel out of sorts.
Kimberly Hammer
Kimberly H.
22:18 10 Jan 20
I heard about vitamin IV’s from a friend, so I decided to research the benefits on my own. This led me to VitaLounge. The staff is very caring and the service provided is always high quality. I finished my 3rd IV yesterday and I can tell a big difference with my energy, sleep and performance in the gym. This is something I will incorporate into my life to keep up on my overall health.
Alyssa Zallie
Alyssa Z.
15:15 04 Jan 20
I actually had my first therapy in this place in my New Years vacation I went on and omg they are so nice Both the nurses where so kind to me . I was very nervous and Kate and Chelsea walked me threw the whole thing . And well within hours I noticed the change in my skin after I did the therapy I went in sad because a skin tragedy happened to me and I did the vita repair therapy and that stuff really works for healing . Am so amazed at the results within hours I had and I look forward as days go by on how much greater my skin will repair and look .I don’t usually leave ever reviews unless I really like something or I see something really works . For skin repair this stuff does work. I will return to this place when ever I go back to Orlando.
What's inside that heart
What's inside that H.
11:36 04 Jan 20
I am an out of towner in for a Disney week, got knocked down by a cold. Being a POTS patient I knew what I needed were fluids. The VitaLounge team made me feel welcome, and I could tell from the call to schedule that they were knowledgeable and kind. Once there, the warmth and kindness continued. It is clean and very comfortable. The check in process is easy and they made me very relaxed during my time there. FL travelers or locals alike can feel confident that they will get the best care at this location!
Jessica Fendryk
Jessica F.
18:45 27 Dec 19
Excellent experience. Very welcoming professional fast and efficient. I found Vitalounge for my dad who is 1 year after his cancer diagnosis( I wish we found them sooner). They came right to the house and we saw noticable differences after their signature drip. So much so we bought a package for him and I took advantage of the Bogo for me. I did my service in-lounge, at the Dr. Phillips location, and I was very impressed. I was in and out and on with my day. The feeling after the drip is subtle and lasting. I would definitely recommend to family and friends!
tera riley
tera R.
15:27 15 Dec 19
professional and friendly staff; quality product - Mary
Captain Chad
Captain C.
03:08 15 Dec 19
Glutathione injection for my first visit, my other place was closed and I had to quickly find a place that could give me a shot for the day. I went on their website and thank goodness it was so easy,I picked what i wanted and clicked on the time slot i wanted and boom I was in. As I was driving up I called the office to ask about parking, how to find them etc and shelbi was so helpful over the phone. Once I got inside I was promptly taking care of and the whole process was clean, efficient, informative and friendly. The shot helped me get thru a rough day thank god and Ill be coming back for more including their vitadetox iv therapy shelbi recommended me. Thanks vitalounge!
Camila McNemar
Camila M.
21:49 12 Dec 19
Loved the service here by Chelsea, wouldn’t go back if it wasn’t for her, so easy going, friendly and super good recommendations. The place always very clean, and after my treatment I’m always feeling like a new person. Can’t wait to go back!
ahstryd valecillo reyes
ahstryd valecillo R.
23:44 11 Dec 19
The benefits of IV Therapy and Injections are second to none, but the best part of VitaLounge is the service & awesome staff... I am forever loyal! —dm
Dominique Mathurin
Dominique M.
03:03 09 Dec 19
The sweetest 2 nurses I’ve experienced at VitaLounge. They where very informative and professional. First impression was awesome!!!
23:50 08 Dec 19
Great experience and everyone was so nice. The treatment helped me enjoy my trip to Colorado for skiing without worry of getting sick!
John Sparrell
John S.
20:41 04 Dec 19
VitaLounge is an amazing place to get your "you" back. When you aren't quite yourself and know even diet isn't going to kick you in high gear. The "cocktail" of vitamins is amazing and will get you well. Recently had a surgical procedure which left me with low red blood cells, low hemoglobin and low hemocrit . About half hour after the infusion, I was feeling so much better. The nurses are very attentive and kind. Highly recommend the services.
Marie Buettner
Marie B.
21:10 03 Dec 19
10-10 professional and really helped me out. Thanks y’all
Landon McPherson
Landon M.
18:09 24 Nov 19
Staff is very friendly and accommodating. Overall great experience.
Kevin Nethers
Kevin N.
18:04 23 Nov 19
Great experience. The staff was really nice and made me feel at home.
Rafael Garcia
Rafael G.
16:58 23 Nov 19
I came here dressed in a unicorn onesie, tiara and veil after a very long first night of my bachelorette party. Shelbi and Olivia took amazing care of me and the Hangover Cure was AMAZING. Highly recommend!
Anna Catherine Payne
Anna Catherine P.
04:52 17 Nov 19
Had a great experience with Kate and already feel amazing. Definitely come check them out when in Winter Park.
Fazeina Mohammed
Fazeina M.
19:36 15 Nov 19
Very friendly staff. Good time.
Tracee Meyers
Tracee M.
17:35 14 Nov 19
Excellent customer service! Knowledgeable and kind staff— very much would recommend.
Jordan Schmidt
Jordan S.
17:30 14 Nov 19
I made an appointment for the day before a 3 day music festival to get the convention prep as a preventative measure, I wasnt really sure what to expect but wanted to give it a try. Chelsea and Olivia were super friendly, professional and attentive! Let me tell you, I will never not get a drip before a festival again! I felt great and ready to go the whole weekend! 10/10 would recommend! Drip, sleep, rave, repeat!
Amanda Abdallah
Amanda A.
02:07 12 Nov 19
Great experience. Very short wait.
Johnny Contreras
Johnny C.
18:37 10 Nov 19
Logan Hubbard
Logan H.
18:34 10 Nov 19
Ken Snavely
Ken S.
18:34 10 Nov 19
Awesome experience! Super nice nurses and great service
Dominik Köhler
Dominik K.
18:26 10 Nov 19
Absolutely loved it. Chelsea and Olivia were very helpful and knowledgable. My skin feels clear and I woke up at 9 am today ready to start my day. Definitely will return.
Tricia Burns
Tricia B.
14:44 08 Nov 19
This place was excellent. I would definitely come back here again. The nurses, Chelsea and Olivia, were very attentive, helpful and knowledgeable. This was my first time getting a vitamin IV drip and it was a great experience! I did the convention prep treatment and feel great. Would definitely recommend 10/10!
Tara Burns
Tara B.
00:32 08 Nov 19
Ramon Rodriguez
Ramon R.
19:05 07 Nov 19
I had the most amazing experience!!! I’ve returned from vacation and felt sluggish and VL has a Jet Lag Drip which is pretty awesome. You have to try this place.
James Monds Productions
James Monds P.
16:37 03 Nov 19
This has to literally be one of the best experiences in my life. The entire staff is so caring, compassionate and genuine. I felt so much better after my treatment. I will definitely be a repeat customer. This is something everyone should do as it us an investment in your health. Thank you to all of you wonderful ladies! You have made my day brighter!
NikiG Fied
NikiG F.
15:37 03 Nov 19
Great customer! Highly recommended! Comfortable, warm and inviting atmosphere. Wonderful product with real results. I am definitely returning.
Clinton Williams
Clinton W.
18:56 29 Oct 19
I come here all the time with my sister and was so impressed with the way they treated us both that I tried it for myself. I get the Happy Shot and it’s absolutely amazing! The nurses Kate and Chelsea really made me comfortable and explained everything. It’s our favorite place to chill at now. 10/10 would recommend!
Lavender Kipp
Lavender K.
21:09 26 Oct 19
I've been to the Doctor Phillips location three times, and each time I was treated with kindness and respect by the nurses, and was impressed by the facility. I'm afraid of needles, but they always make the process easy and painless and I've had nothing but great experiences, especially with how I feel afterwards!
Aly Jeanne G
Aly Jeanne G
04:46 26 Oct 19
It was amazing thank you ladies! I feel ahhhhmazing!
CEO Chicks
17:25 25 Oct 19
Great place
Erin Hoffman
Erin H.
18:49 23 Oct 19
I had an incredible experience at VitaLounge in WInter Park from start to finish. Super easy to schedule an appointment on the same day, amazing staff that welcome their patients with smile and empathy, and an unmatched facility that gives confidence to the patient from the moment they walk in that they will feel better when they walk out. I went there with a severe cold symptom, got my Vita Immune IV therapy, and immediately after the session I was already feeling well with the sinus headache effectively gone. The prices are well justified for the thorough experience VitaLounge offers. Not only will I certainly be back each time I am under the weather to get the Vita Immune IV, but also to try out their other IV solutions to see how they can help provide the nutrients my body may need. To those of you that may have a level of skepticism about IV therapy: give VitaLounge in Winter Park a chance; this is one of those rare services that truly justify saying “it works!”.
Gorken Mimioglu
Gorken M.
17:42 22 Oct 19
I visited VitaLounge because I work on clients all day and had a trip a few days away. Who wants to be sick on vacation?!? I got the immune IV and by the next day my sore throat was gone and I was full of energy. If you're like me and you're too busy to get sick, do yourself a favor and go here!!! everyone is friendly and will walk you thru the different options available.
desiree aviles
desiree A.
23:01 20 Oct 19
Went in with a headache came out with it gone. Staff very informative and takes a while to feel the effects but you will notice a difference. Very relaxing.
Josette Bernarducci
Josette B.
22:47 20 Oct 19
Vitamin infusions and shots are a new reality for me since my body doesn't absorb vitamins naturally. Luckily VitaLounge makes the process so easy! Most places end up digging for my veins, but every time I come to Vital Lounge it is a quick and easy stick. Then I get to hang out, snuggled up with a comfy blanket and HGTV while I get the IV drip! I highly recommend VitaLounge for anyone who wants to feel better. Whether you have a chronic condition, are trying to recover from a hangover, or just want a boost, this is the place to go!
Margo Meta
Margo M.
18:46 20 Oct 19
I highly recommend this place. I received the Vita Immune and a Vitamin D shot. Great service and a friendly staff. I will be back
Luke Wickham
Luke W.
18:31 20 Oct 19
Travis Jones
Travis J.
23:30 19 Oct 19
5 star all the way! Kate and Chelsea are awesome! They made the entire process so easy and enjoyable! They are very knowledgeable and professional. The facility is extremely clean and has a nice relaxing atmosphere. I will definitely be coming back!
alex Miller
alex M.
20:59 19 Oct 19
Wonderful staff and facility!
Luther Schenck
Luther S.
19:45 19 Oct 19
Wonderful people
James Yarmuth
James Y.
19:44 19 Oct 19
Elliott Hunt
Elliott H.
18:20 17 Oct 19
I have been experiencing really harsh side effects from medications I was placed on and Vitalounge had just the fix to help me have more pep in my step. The staff is very friendly And knowledgeable. I highly recommend VitaLounge. I definitely plan on returning. Book your appointment today!
Cindy Santos
Cindy S.
18:03 17 Oct 19
Beautiful clinic with a nice atmosphere and a very caring staff. Highly Recommend!
Tyler Reinholt
Tyler R.
23:14 16 Oct 19
I had a great experience and enjoyed the atmosphere. I almost fell asleep in my own private room with a tv, cozy chair, and blanket. Kate and Chelsea did a great job and I will definitely return. I work in a pediatric hospital so i’m always picking up colds and illnesses. I got the high dose vitamin C infusion and I already feel better. Highly recommend!
Nicole Fasano
Nicole F.
20:24 16 Oct 19
Derek Perez
Derek P.
21:38 15 Oct 19
Nice facilities, Great Staff, will definitely visit again next time I’m in orlando
sam hatcher
sam H.
20:48 15 Oct 19
I’ve had IV infusions for years to support my overall health and also my dysautonomia. The location is so convenient for me, and feels more like a spa, relaxation experience rather than the sterile doctor office environment I’m used to. But most importantly ALL of the nurses and staff there are SO incredibly kind, professional, and patient. Since I discovered VitaLounge, I haven’t had to drive an hour for fluids or for vitamin drips that boost my energy and alleviate my pain. I love that the staff understands my health issues and concerns. They offer bundle discounts too! Which I find to be very rewarding to loyal customers or people who want to stay consistent with the IV treatments. I feel valued when I am there. Can’t wait until they expand into more locations and offer more services.
Steph Marie
Steph M.
16:38 14 Oct 19
This was my first experience with IV's and the office is very comfortable and relaxing. The lady's are very nice and answer all your concerns. I really enjoyed my experience and cant wait for the lake mary location to open up.
charlene rosselot
charlene R.
23:46 13 Oct 19
mabell s
mabell s
20:26 04 Oct 19
My service experience with Shelby at the Dr. Phillips clinic was lovely.Nice, clean, bright, open atmosphere.Excellent selection of various IV options and injections.Shelby was excellent. Clone her...😄The private sitting area was just right for watching some television during the treatment...No noise or distractions...very relaxing.The treatment was good...noticed many positive bodily effects plus no hematoma at the injection site.Thank you for the complimentary water.Last night and this morning felt some Herx symptoms which is to be expected with the treatment package I rreceived.All in all, good and pleasurable experience.Recommended!
Elysium Joy
Elysium J.
18:34 03 Oct 19
Great experience...Amazing how much better you feel! Excellent service and friendly staff! I will definitely go back again.
Todd Boss
Todd B.
23:52 21 Sep 19
Feeling 1120%
allie mora
allie M.
20:15 21 Sep 19
Went yesterday for the first time and the lady that helped me her name was Shelby very sweet nice lady who broke everything down for me step by step. I felt better as soon as I walked out after getting my slimshot. And they even called me this morning to check up . HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHECKING THEM OUT FOR ANY SHOT OR IV YOU NEED
Eric Savinovich
Eric S.
18:25 20 Sep 19
First time was awesome. The staff was warm and extremely informative. I felt good about the procedure. Shelbi was the best part of everything at that place. She was extremely knowledgeable and fantastic. With an easy going professional attitude. She should get a raise.
Manuel Perez
Manuel P.
16:53 16 Sep 19
The whole staff is amazing!
Pan Dora
Pan D.
14:48 15 Sep 19
Excellent Excellent Excellent, I absolutely love this place. The staff professional and very knowledgeable about all of the treatments. I highly recommend you to visit Vita lounge. Your body would love you for it.
queen ree
queen R.
20:07 06 Sep 19
Great price on B12 injections. Friendly and professional staff
Ash Brown
Ash B.
20:59 01 Sep 19
Samantha Gaten
Samantha G.
16:19 01 Sep 19
ruben hernandez
ruben H.
15:15 01 Sep 19
Honestly first time doing one of these things & had a great experience. Amanda was the one who helped me and she was super sweet and great about getting me in and out.
00:10 01 Sep 19
Live the people here!! They are so kind and friendly and I usually just get b 12 shots but I’ve been sick for about a month .. so did an immune iv and I hope I will be feeling better soon. It will be worth every penny.
Debra Hedstrom
Debra H.
23:30 31 Aug 19
dilan ipek
dilan I.
22:30 31 Aug 19
Anthony Gangi Jr.
Anthony Gangi J.
21:16 31 Aug 19
Amazzzzzing experience, definitely going back again...
Abdelrahman El khouli
Abdelrahman El K.
20:46 31 Aug 19
VitaLounge has been wonderful experience for me. I usually get Meyers cocktail which is a blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and it has helped me immensely. The staff I s incredibly attentive to my needs and gave great recommendations. The facility is very clean, nurses are profesional. I go to have this infusion once a month. I highly recommend VitaLounge.
Martha Quinonez
Martha Q.
19:51 31 Aug 19
Kallie Nelson
Kallie N.
21:10 30 Aug 19
Sydney Hirsch
Sydney H.
21:08 30 Aug 19
La mejor atención, siempre te recomiendan loQue buscas y necesitas.Muy limpio y muy profesional.
daniela uribe
daniela U.
21:42 28 Aug 19
Great place and great customer service is amazing
Aisha Sattar
Aisha S.
16:07 26 Aug 19
I love VitaLounge! Fast service, very clean, and staff is always very friendly and helpful. No waiting like most places. I hope it stays this way so I can continue to go here. Convenient location and easy to find parking Very happy with this place.
Barbara Woods
Barbara W.
12:24 24 Aug 19
My first IV drip experience, and I’ll be back. Amazing staff, luxurious accommodations with lounge chairs, pillows, blankets and heating pads. Large flat screen tv to entertain you. I highly recommend VitaLounge
Helen Begley
Helen B.
23:29 21 Aug 19
I found VitaLounge on Groupon and I’m so happy I did their slim shot has helped me lose 27 pounds and their skin recovery is helping improve my overall skin appearance and prevent breakouts thank you VitaLounge you are amazing!
Shannon Dinkins
Shannon D.
16:57 20 Aug 19
Went to happy hour with a girl friend and now have learned sangria is not my friend. Woke up early the next day sicker than I have been in forever. The biggest problem was that I worked later that day and needed get better as fast as possible. I've heard about IV lounges before but this was my first experience and it was phenomenal! I booked an apportionment online for the hangover package and added the glutathione. The nurses took care of me with the upmost respect for my previous nights bad decision. As the IV treatment started my headache subsided and I started to feel amazing. Once the glutathione treatment kicked in I did feel the euphoria feeling they mentioned can happen for the following several hours. I felt better than great for the rest of the day.I will definitely be back with my friends and family for the other treatments!
03:03 19 Aug 19
Eric Einsmann
Eric E.
18:44 17 Aug 19
Damaris Elias
Damaris E.
14:51 17 Aug 19
My first experience was pretty great! Veronica did amazing with my IV insertion. The office is clean, with comfy chairs and recliners. I’ll be beck next month for sure! Thank you!
Marky Klau
Marky K.
16:27 15 Aug 19
Great experience! I hate needles and was nervous since I’d never had an IV drip before but the nurses there were amazing. Definitely will be going back with my friends!
Tori Jones
Tori J.
12:44 13 Aug 19
Amazing experience! The nurses were lovely, patient and very helpful - answered all my questions and helped pick the correct IV cocktail for my needs. I got their signature drip and felt great all day. Will definitely be back!
Clara J
Clara J
12:12 13 Aug 19
Great service and excellent support, the staff is very professional and made you feel family. Thanks Veronica and all team! 👌
Cesar Useche
Cesar U.
11:22 13 Aug 19
When you go to VitaLounge in Winter Park you feel so incredibly well taken care of. They help you choose the drip that is most beneficial for your health, and they take their time when administering the IVs. They make you super comfortable as your IV drips. They are also fun to chat with and always make me laugh and smile. What a wonderful place to help you improve your health!
Kay Stanney
Kay S.
22:20 09 Aug 19
Our neighbor recommended VitaLounge after my wife was recovering from an illness. I tagged along just to provide company. I’m glad we both came! She has not felt this energetic in years. I was recovering from an injury and I swear the weekly treatments have halved my recovery time. The staff is great, very fun but very professional, and we always laugh and have a good time while getting our treatments. I highly recommend VitaLounge!
John S
John S
22:19 09 Aug 19
Staff is incredibly kind and very talented. Truly a wonderful experience, a must for anyone looking to improve their health and/or fitness.
Michael-Eoin Stanney
Michael-Eoin S.
22:17 09 Aug 19
Very clean & well structured facility. Staff was very friendly and extremely professional will definitely be my first choice for IV therapy in the Orlando area. Very accommodating the rooms even had extra outlets for my phone charger.
Corbin Dukes
Corbin D.
18:18 09 Aug 19
Best IV therapy ever! Amazing staff, comfortable lounge chairs, and they even give you a blanket in case you get a bit cold. Highly recommend if you’re a first timer - the medical staff will walk you through how you’re feeling and what you’re hoping to accomplish, they’ll mix and match to suit your needs and have you leaving feeling like a new person.
Trevor Colom
Trevor C.
18:41 08 Aug 19
This place is AMAZING!! I go every 2 weeks for my hydration! It makes me feel energized and refreshed like a brand new person ! The staff is very knowledgeable and very friendly . I highly recommend to everyone !
Marie Landicini
Marie L.
23:56 29 Jul 19
They were absolutely amazing!! I felt 1,000 times better when I left than I did when I walked in. The girls were very professional and helpful. I was comfortable the entire time and they had everything I could need and more. I will definitely be back!!
Ben Victor
Ben V.
23:45 29 Jul 19
Marcia Sterling-Cooper
Marcia S.
18:37 29 Jul 19
Very professional and very kind. Made our 1st experience a great one!!
Jeremy Taylor
Jeremy T.
16:31 29 Jul 19
Veronica and Hailey were very polite and informative. This was my first time and I’m very pleased with my visit. After meeting them both I quickly decided that I feel comfortable coming back and purchased the multiple visit package. 😁
plumber guy
plumber G.
15:44 29 Jul 19
Sarah Wells
Sarah W.
18:55 27 Jul 19
Autumn Lester
Autumn L.
15:59 27 Jul 19
I was sick and tired, so I had the signature drip, and I feel so much better today.Excelente place, súper clean and the staff are so friendly.
emerson bareno
emerson B.
11:58 26 Jul 19
Colleen Ryan
Colleen R.
19:11 25 Jul 19
Very friendly and helpful staff, very clean office and they take the time to explain everything to you. Highly recommended!
Stacy Lynn
Stacy L.
16:07 25 Jul 19
David Stephenson
David S.
19:13 23 Jul 19
Excellent. Great service!
Rosa Rosa
Rosa R.
20:37 22 Jul 19
This is an awesome place! Staff is very kind and professional, they take care of you. The therapies work wonders! I totally recommend it!
Earl Hollister
Earl H.
20:34 22 Jul 19
my first time coming in and both Ashley and Amanda made it a great experience. They were friendly helpful and pleasant made me feel welcome and comfortable. I would go back for more treatments with the extra benefits of their beautiful smiles.
Reg Padgett
Reg P.
23:02 19 Jul 19
Everyone was beyond amazing. Extremely knowledgeable on everything and very helpful. Fiancé came in on the break on complete dehydration and now we are both 100% energized and ready to go. Getting package deal and we will be back!
Dakota Rome
Dakota R.
19:39 18 Jul 19
Love the place and Hannah is very knowledgeable and friendly...
Mitch D
Mitch D
18:22 18 Jul 19
Hannah Wagner
Hannah W.
16:43 15 Jul 19
My first experience was great and so smooth! Thanks Veronica! I’ll be back for sure!
Adriania Lewis
Adriania L.
21:08 14 Jul 19
Great service
Kristian Quevedo
Kristian Q.
21:53 10 Jul 19
I came for a quick boost of energy before a flight and Veronica was so helpful in guiding me in which direction to go. I was provided a heat pack during my IV so I would be comfortable. The staff here has always been so kind and helpful here. I definitely recommend this location!
Maliha Mir
Maliha M.
17:34 10 Jul 19
Friendly staff! Enjoy coming here. Veronica is the best! Would definitely recommend this place.
brian exner
brian E.
21:31 08 Jul 19
Shane Godwin
Shane G.
21:51 27 Jun 19
Nurses are kind, caring, and knowledgable, and they even custom blend injections and IVs.
Danielle Key
Danielle K.
19:26 27 Jun 19
Vitalounge has honestly changed my life! The girls here are AMAZING and make you feel like family. Shout out to Shelbi, Ashley and Amanda in winter park who always welcome me with a warm smile. Everyone here is professional, sweet, and go out of their way for you. If you have problems with energy, I really recommend the vitamin b injections! They even have groupons and great packages. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Sabreen Yousef
Sabreen Y.
19:05 27 Jun 19
Staff is always very friendly. Very pleasant. Clean environment quick service. Look forward to my weekly appointments
Ezgi HUR
Ezgi H.
18:42 27 Jun 19
Let me just say, I have spend the last few years of my life focused on wellness and I have found my home of wellness and health maintenance right here at VitaLounge! Shelbi and Amanda are always take the extra time to go above and beyond what’s advertised. As a regular, trusted customer, they make me feel like family and are always expeditious with my treatments. I don’t know what I would do without VitaLounge!
Anthony Portalatin
Anthony P.
20:59 26 Jun 19
Humble and Friendly staff. When life is good or bad VitaLounge will make it better!
Tone' Seals
Tone' S.
17:16 26 Jun 19
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer C.
13:53 26 Jun 19
Professional but laid back. If you're looking this up and are nervous or on the fence about stopping by...don't be. As soon as you walk in the doors (upstairs by the way) the ladies are super welcoming. They explain all of their treatments and packages with ZERO pressure. Essentially, you feel like a regular as soon as you step inside.
James Steele
James S.
22:10 25 Jun 19
Hannah who took care of my needs was a delight. She and all the staff at VitaLounge were very knowledgeable about their product and services they provide. She asked thorough questions to properly screen me for the correct injections to suggest. I will definitely follow up with Hannah when the time arises for additional services.
Raul Vargas
Raul V.
15:51 25 Jun 19
Leslie Burke
Leslie B.
15:31 25 Jun 19
Excellent facility with exceptional customer service!
Brenda Bermudez
Brenda B.
14:30 25 Jun 19
Excellent staff !!!, Hannah and Veronica took quick and excellent care of me while I came in experience heat cramps....Going to VitaLounge saved me a trip to the ER and I was in and out of the lounge within two hours , feeling re hydrated and a whole lot better than when I walked in. The entire experience was effecient and very professional !! Thanks
Adam Rodgers
Adam R.
14:11 25 Jun 19
Best experience ever! The staff was incredible. Ashley and Veronica took such great care of us and we’re both so helpful. I’m terrified of needles but they did so well with making it a painless process. We will most definitely be back!
Allison Otterbacher
Allison O.
20:07 24 Jun 19
Such a beautiful staff and facility! This therapy has changed my life for the better! Mental clarity, energy, and sense of well-being are all so much better after my IV therapy! Thank you so much Vita Lounge😃
sharie shy
sharie S.
20:13 19 Jun 19
This place is amazing! Looking forward to trying out more things. Veronica helped a lot over the phone with all my questions, once I arrived Amanda and Esther were able to help me in the lounge. I was nervous but they both made me feel comfortable.
Joanne Gomez
Joanne G.
15:36 18 Jun 19
I love this place! Everyone is so knowledgeable and professional. The standards they have at VitaLounge go way above any IV therapy locations. Veronica and Shelby have always been helpful in educating and suggesting what will personally benefit me.
Esther Alejo
Esther A.
14:58 18 Jun 19
The nurses are awesome, super sweet, knowledgeable and helpful. The place is immaculate and the results, in my case are undeniable. You do have to know your body and sort of do research as to what might be best in your situation and what to take. Thank you ladies!!!!
19:55 16 Jun 19
thank you-Hannah & Veronica&Team VitaLounge OrlandoYou guys are the best always pleasant and you get me in and out quickly Each visit your are assertive and placing my well-being first almost a pleasure to receive shotsThanks again
Scott Wilson
Scott W.
22:19 15 Jun 19
This is my third time getting an IV from the Winter Park lounge and all my experiences have been GREAT! Even my in home IV experience was amazing. Customer service is top notch and it’s such a relaxing environment. These people are literally changing my life (chronic condition that docs gave up on...VitaHealth is now helping me find a diagnosis) and the nurses feel like my friends. 100/10 would recommend. 😭😍😍
Bosa's Kitchen
Bosa's K.
19:30 14 Jun 19
Wonderful Experience! I visited for the Immunity IV prior to leaving on a vacation (and fighting a cold). Ashley and the staff were amazing! It was a relaxing and beautiful spa. They took excellent care of me! I felt completely better the next day and enjoyed my entire vacation. I would highly recommend!!!
Jody Seltzer
Jody S.
01:49 11 Jun 19
Great service and great experience!
Anna Wytiaz
Anna W.
18:56 08 Jun 19
I have been coming here for about a year now. And had many great experiences I couldn’t function without it!
Terry Torrens
Terry T.
16:25 05 Jun 19
Wonderful Experience! I visited with my husband who was sooooo dehydrated and his muscles were in pain. After his hydration drip, he had instant relief. I had the detox push, wonderful☺We cant wait to go back☺ Everyone is fabulous and what a great atmosphere☺And thank you Ashley for the follow up call.
Suzan Q
Suzan Q
21:56 01 Jun 19
Modern style office, Great caring staff! Love to come here!
Irina Korosteleva
Irina K.
17:13 30 May 19
Very professional, super nice staff and they all took very good care of me! Hangover cure is a miracle!! Went in feeling like death and walked out a brand new person 🙂 thanks VitaLounge!
Sydnee Verst
Sydnee V.
15:49 25 May 19
Vitalounge is an experience. A time to restore, revive and renew my mind and body. Loved Hanna!! But miss all my gems at the Winter Park location. Both locations staff are fast, efficient, friendly and make you feel welcome.
lee brown
lee B.
19:26 24 May 19
jennifer felumlee
jennifer F.
17:46 18 May 19
Rachel Strittmatter
Rachel S.
17:19 18 May 19
Amazing experience! Highly recommend this for fatigue, sore muscles and hydration! The staff is wonderful.
Carla Copas
Carla C.
11:24 18 May 19
I have been to the Winter Park location 3 times. Shelbi, Sam & Ashley are awesome, they make you feel extremely comfortable. The hangover bag is awesome! You feel better before even leaving the lounge! Highly recommend.
Jennyy Bee
Jennyy B.
00:06 17 May 19
A HUGE thank you to Rafael and Samantha for the Awesome experience on Saturday. My IV therapy was the best I’ve ever had and FAST! Will definitely be back soon!
drake utley
drake U.
23:42 15 May 19
This place is amazing ! Great staff and I always feel great after a vitamin session ! Give it a try you’ll be happy you did !
20:51 15 May 19
Truly, I felt so energized after my IV for athletes. Hannah, who appears to be very pregnant, was a gem. Her calm and sweet demeanor is very comforting when you’re back getting an IV. She started my IV with just one stick and I didn’t even feel it. The office is so clean and beautifully decorated. Hannah explained all the ingredients to my IV and how beneficial they are to the body. I never thought I would be wanting to get IV’s but this place has made me a believer. In this day and age, we all should be doing whatever we can to improve our health and well being. Thanks, Hannah, great job!
Dottie Nicholas
Dottie N.
16:46 11 May 19
The staff at this location is fabulous!! I feel much better!
Douglas Conner
Douglas C.
15:33 10 May 19
Lily Rivas
Lily R.
15:15 10 May 19
Always friendly staff, very knowledgeable. I am an ICU RN and understand the benefits of properly orchestrated IV therapy. I appreciate that the staff is well trained and able to answer all of my questions. They have the most versatile menu I have seen and can cover all the bases. I will be a long time customer.
Michelle Demo
Michelle D.
17:52 09 May 19
VitaLounge, located in Winter Park, offers a peaceful and calming environment. It's my place to go to when I need to re-charge my energy. My husband I have both been multiple times and the slim shot works to curb my appetite. I've also had the pre convention IV which was the perfect preparation for my long weekend of work providing help with focus and dehydration. The location is a bit difficult to find the first time but the friendly staff who is knowledgeable and authentic in their care for your well being.
Greta Smith
Greta S.
11:04 09 May 19
Hannah and Veronica were amazing! I had a little too much to drink one night and was in desperate need of fluids. They got me right in and the “Hangover Cure” drip was exactly what I needed. The atmosphere was very comfortable and they even provided you with a blanket. I found myself dozing off a few times, which is unusual for someone who hates needles! I highly recommend this place and will be trying to make this a monthly ‘treat’ for myself.
Samantha F
Samantha F
02:01 08 May 19
Love this place! I always have a wonderful experience here.
Maci Hall
Maci H.
18:02 07 May 19
Love this place. The staff is super friendly and helpful, the process is quick and easy, and I felt full of energy for the next few days. Highly recommended.
Michael Schesser
Michael S.
17:59 07 May 19
Such a great experience and everyone is so sweet!
Dahlya K
Dahlya K
14:22 07 May 19
I recently visited the facility and was helped by Hannah. She was very knowledgeable and provided information to me about the different IVs. The facility is very clean and provided outstanding services. I would definitely recommend it.
iris rojas
iris R.
18:05 05 May 19
Love the skin repair IV infusion.... my skin also is loving it.
Funmi Dada
Funmi D.
20:48 04 May 19
christine loflin
christine L.
20:37 03 May 19
Love recharging at the VitaLounge. Comfortable, professional, relaxing, spotless. Staff are really awesome!
Aldona Dante
Aldona D.
15:45 02 May 19
This place is awesome! So many options wether you are looking for an IV, injections and weight loss options. I have personally done the hangover cure and it’s a life saver when I had a stomach virus! I’ve also been doing the HCG and I’ve lost 1-2 lbs a day!
Jennifer Zaceta
Jennifer Z.
18:36 09 Apr 19
Best place to get your immune system bolstered! I have been a client for almost 2 years and they are fabulous! The menu options are abundant and Ashley is 2nd generation super-knowledgeable! My fav is a super high dose of vitamin c, with glutathione which breaks the blood/brain barrier. Most people don't even know that the brain requires hydration to keep the myelin sheaths pliable and in optimum working order. This article (below) is a bit clinical, keep reading to learn more:https://www.news-medical.net/health/Myelin-Function.aspx
Betsy Gordon
Betsy G.
11:18 07 Apr 19
What an awesome place, you must come and try it. I feel so much better after having a drip or an injection from here. The staff is so super friendly, the place is clean and relaxing, And the products will make you feel fantastic!. High recommendations for vita lounge
Linda Cox
Linda C.
18:41 05 Apr 19
VitaLounge has been wonderful for me. I usually get Vitamin complex and B12 shots and it has helped me immensely. Shelby was incredibly attentive to my needs and gave great recommendations. I love the shots and come every week!!
Bella Maia
Bella M.
20:59 31 Mar 19
Great staff great environment!
Wesley Miller
Wesley M.
19:34 30 Mar 19
I love VitaLounge! The staff is so friendly and professional. I've been going in for B12 shots and Shelbi is one of my favorite people, she makes the process smooth and painless. VitaLounge makes setting an appointment easy, they send emails to remind you, and I'm always greeted with a smile and excellent customer service! Thank you guys!
Vanessa Cotto
Vanessa C.
14:08 26 Mar 19
I recently moved to Orlando from New Jersey where I would receive weekly vitamin drips, I’m so happy my dad found VitaLounge in Dr. Phillips. It’s a lot different than other places I’ve been to, they mix the vitamins themselves instead of a premade bag so it seems more personal. Definitely would recommend to anyone who needs a good boost!
Taylor Dieckman
Taylor D.
20:55 23 Mar 19
Samantha and Veronica are very nice, professional and they know what they are doing! I highly recommend!
Fernandez Horacio
Fernandez H.
18:12 23 Mar 19
Came in and the girls were welcoming. I was welcomed with smiling faces. I felt at home immediately! they are very informative and very knowledgeable about the products. I felt taken care of in a luxury environment. Ashley and Shelbi have genuine spirits. I will definitely be coming back!
Tanya Scott
Tanya S.
17:55 23 Mar 19
Love this place!! Staff is amazing and have found it to be very helpful with some of my chronic health issues!! I highly recommend it.
Julie Harmon
Julie H.
20:11 22 Mar 19
Lovely facility, with caring, thoughtful and knowledgeable staff! The products and services offered are life changing!
Holli Hall
Holli H.
12:31 22 Mar 19
Extraordinary people and service. They truly make you feel like a family and they actually care! They try their hardest to make sure you’re comfortable and feel safe. Not only are the people amazing, but their IV fusions are spectacular!!! The safety and care put into everything is extraordinary and the people are even more so. HIGHLY recommendable!!!!! And affordable!
Renat Z.
Renat Z.
20:11 20 Mar 19
They are wonderful people, very friendly and caring. They go above and beyond to help take care of you. It's an all round amazing experience.
Andreina Beauchamp
Andreina B.
20:08 20 Mar 19
Edit: Very clean, friendly staff and management is very responsive to any possible issue.
it2 w
it2 w
17:40 16 Mar 19
Great place to revitalize the body and feel great! The staff is super courteous and knowledgeable about the products. Highly recommend the experience !!
Sara Arjomand
Sara A.
18:02 10 Mar 19
Love this place! They are welcoming and non pressure professionals. Love booking online and being able to easily go to either location. Always feel better afterwards! My IV specialist today was Hannah and she was beyond wonderful!
Bethy Zeck
Bethy Z.
16:50 03 Mar 19
I love VitaLounge in Winter Park! All the staff is super nice and welcoming!! They are so cheerful and patiently explain each IV therapies to me! 😃When I leave I feel so refreshed and relaxed with extra energy!! I cannot wait for my next IV! 🤗💃
Cindy Burbrink
Cindy B.
16:29 26 Feb 19
Thank you so much! So friendly.
Zachary Capp
Zachary C.
13:08 19 Feb 19
Rafael & Samatha were great! IV bags are made fresh! Their bedside manners are terrific!!! I love VitaLounge
Latasha Matthews
Latasha M.
16:23 16 Feb 19
This is our second time using VitaLounge- you guys are awesome! Ashley was our nurse both times and she is wonderful. The first time we went to the Winter Park location, the second time they came to our hotel and saved the day from a terrible hangover. Thank you Ashley!
Liz Johnson
Liz J.
16:59 15 Feb 19
Beautiful facility, amazing and attentive staff, and best of all, great service.
Wanda Barajas
Wanda B.
01:38 09 Feb 19
What an exciting time to be alive! This place looks great and the different IV and shots available are really cool. We both got B complex shots and felt really good afterwards and it eased my wife's headache.
Alvar Hanso
Alvar H.
23:08 27 Jan 19
This place was Amazing!!!! The nurses there are so friendly and informative! I came in there literally feeling like I was dying. I had been in the ER the night before and my MD that day due to a fall and some kidney pain. I had been in severe pain for 5 days. I was just trying to put one foot in front of the other when I entered. When I left, I felt like I could skip out of there! This place is a Godsend!!After their suggested treatment, that only took 30 minutes. I felt like a million $. Thank you all sooo very much!! ❤️❤️❤️
Yogi Cunningham
Yogi C.
23:32 22 Jan 19
was treated like a princess! what more could I ask for? will definitely be back.
Melissa Bowman
Melissa B.
03:10 13 Jan 19
Thank you!!! My friend is in Orlando with your young kids and she has food poisoning! I called VitalLounge and they are sending a nurse to provide her IV fluids and vitamins to make her feel better. I called after 5:00 and they are getting a nurse out same evening. They are kind, organized and empathetic. Thank you!!
kile Law
kile L.
23:35 10 Jan 19
Amazing experience! Staff is friendly and always willing to help. They explain what best fits your needs which is super important. I usually go in for the following iv drips: pain and immune boost. I've noticed the improvement in the past 8 months. For sure, we all have different needs and our bodies work accordingly but this place has helped me feel better overall. Definitely my go to and making it a goal to get my drips more frequent. Personally, I'd rather go the natural vitamin and supplements route first than taking any medication. I highly recommend and its so worth it!!!! IV Team- Thank you for your kindness, hard work, and expertise. Ashley- Thank you for sharing your story with me on a late Friday night!! Lol and lastly bringing your vision to life!!!
Lynnette Pimentel
Lynnette P.
19:32 22 Dec 18
After being diagnosed with a B12 deficiency I’ve been getting shots here for just over a month. Everyone is super friendly and it’s always quick and painless. Other treatments are a bit pricier but the B12 is very affordable even for my tight budget. One of these days I will try one of the IVs though! Feeling so much better than a month ago. Highly recommend!
Kristen Sellers
Kristen S.
04:50 17 Dec 18
kenford wiltshire
kenford W.
03:52 13 Dec 18
Clean, professional, easy - try it once.
Sanjay S
Sanjay S
16:37 09 Dec 18
Everyone is so professionally excellent and nice.
15:43 07 Dec 18
Great experience. Very professional and knowledgeable staff. Relaxing and super comfortable room for treatments, have had very successful results from my treatments
Katheryne Pelak
Katheryne P.
18:15 06 Dec 18
I am very happy with the Vitamin Injections I receive from VitaLounge. Their staff is professional and friendly. Highly recommended.
Jonathan Mostyn
Jonathan M.
17:00 29 Nov 18
aditi mistry
aditi M.
17:35 28 Nov 18
Wonderful customer service. They came in and saved the day! Not only did they know what vitamins I needed, they were kind and very helpful in my time of need. 10/10 would recommend! Thank you!
Erin Spake
Erin S.
18:26 26 Nov 18
I was blown away at the level of friendliness and professionalism of the staff. Both ladies working the day I went in were so sweet and made me feel comfortable and right at home. The lounge has a high-end and relaxing feel. I highly recommend them.
Veronica Jones
Veronica J.
23:54 21 Nov 18
Great experience! Hannah was very knowledgeable and nice. Thank you!
Sam Loring
Sam L.
22:21 09 Nov 18
Angel Roman
Angel R.
20:44 28 Oct 18
Been doing it three monthsMagic know but helps YES.Gym energy better and feel somewhat better.Try it out!!!Good place. Highly recommended!!!Need that kick once a month.I no doubt!!!🇺🇸🙏👍💪👌😆
Amondo Sapiro
Amondo S.
18:34 28 Oct 18
Vanessa Quinones
Vanessa Q.
15:57 25 Oct 18
I have done the keto diet a couple of times, this time around I've been doing the b12 and b complex shots weekly... what a difference. I have more energy and feel better overall. The staff is friendly and nice as well.
Calvin Roberts
Calvin R.
13:51 24 Oct 18
Joshua Cartica
Joshua C.
19:34 20 Oct 18
I am very pleased with VitaLounge , great sevice and clean. I had my Skin Repair drip administered by Ashley, she is very gentle and professional. I definitely recommend this place!
Angela Victoria Ford
Angela Victoria F.
23:29 18 Oct 18
Penelope Carballo
Penelope C.
16:46 18 Oct 18
I have such a great experience at every visit! The staff are phenomenal; they are very skilled nurses! The various therapy products provide will meet your every need! From headache to hangover and everything in between. Check it out for yourself, you will feel awesome!
Desinda Wood-Carper
Desinda W.
16:48 14 Oct 18
Yatska Aldarondo
Yatska A.
17:24 12 Oct 18
I love this place!!! They have everything. I was so impressed with their menu. The facility is gorgeous and clean. The nurse was extremely compassionate and knowledgeable about all the therapies offered. The worst part was trying to pick just one! I wanted to have them all!! So great!
Kate Ennis
Kate E.
13:53 12 Oct 18
Ashley and the rest of the staff are really professional and he facility is extremely clean. I'm thankful I found this place and am no longer having to drive to Clearwater for my weekly IV therapy. Highly reccommended!
Hector Franco
Hector F.
21:57 10 Oct 18
Drove in from Fort Lauderdale and tried the student shot- amazing! Ashley and Rafael were both extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and I would definitely recommend this place to everyone, you gotta try this!!
Stagga Lee
Stagga L.
16:56 10 Oct 18
Extremely professional and friendly staff.. clean sterile environment - treatments work wonders.. HIGHLY recommend...
Brady Barns
Brady B.
16:47 10 Oct 18
Denisse Paulino
Denisse P.
21:38 09 Oct 18
nice location and great team!
Natalia Perotti
Natalia P.
19:46 08 Oct 18
Jim Willsey
Jim W.
15:20 07 Oct 18
Edna Moreno
Edna M.
16:31 05 Oct 18
Very clean, professional and feel good place!We were traveling thru town and stopped for an IV hydration. I have been to many different hydration places all over the country. VitaLounge is one of the top spots for me. The nurses are friendly & professional. The space is relaxing. When we are in town again we will definitely stop for some hydration!
13:39 05 Oct 18
Friendly, knowledgeable and amazing staff!
Jason smith
Jason S.
12:05 05 Oct 18
Justin Gray
Justin G.
13:52 01 Oct 18
Barret Caligiuri
Barret C.
13:17 01 Oct 18
Loving this place highly recommend for busy and enthusiastic individuals looking to have that optimal edge 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Paul Norwood
Paul N.
00:17 01 Oct 18
Brandon Doobay
Brandon D.
22:46 30 Sep 18
Awesome office and Samantha is the best.
D Sharma
D S.
21:34 30 Sep 18
The atmosphere and staff here is fantastic! Keep up the great job !
Varsha Patel
Varsha P.
14:30 30 Sep 18
lizu wang
lizu W.
21:38 29 Sep 18
Professional and helpful staff. Ashley is very helpful and informative. Beautiful demeanor and great with shots. Location is clean and beautiful. Exceptional quality in the supplements and ingredients used.
Mimi Lamaute
Mimi L.
18:00 29 Sep 18
I'm so happy to be here today! Hannah is giving me the VIP treatment. As a professional singer, I do all that I can to stay in good health. VITALOUNGE gives me the necessary nutrients to accomplish my goals for dancing singing and acting. Give yourself the gift of IV therapy. You'll be pleasantly surprised!😉
Jayne Trinette
Jayne T.
17:31 29 Sep 18
How could this be anything but 5 stars? Great place. Incredible service. Highly recommended Ask for Ashley!
Jeff Kreger
Jeff K.
16:41 29 Sep 18
Samantha and Hannah are great. So are all the staff. Relaxed environment. You watch TV while having your service/IV. They answer all my questions. I get treatments for my overall wellness and highly recommend VL-Orlando.
Byron murrrell
Byron M.
16:34 29 Sep 18
Tonya McCall
Tonya M.
21:47 27 Sep 18
I always have a positive experience at Vitalounge! It's a very relaxing atmosphere and the staff are all very knowledgeable and friendly. The injections I'm getting there are helping me tremendously. I've been feeling great!
Melissa Kane
Melissa K.
19:16 26 Sep 18
Rafael Perozo
Rafael P.
15:05 26 Sep 18
This place is amazing! So happy I found it! Jessica is the best!
Katy Donoho
Katy D.
19:15 25 Sep 18
Rafael Perozo
Rafael P.
17:49 25 Sep 18
Excellent staff - extremely welcoming, accommodating, and knowledgeable. Very clean and comfortable space. One of the better experiences I’ve had with IV therapy. Would highly recommend to anyone interested.
Matt Johnson
Matt J.
17:39 24 Sep 18
Isis Brown
Isis B.
16:18 24 Sep 18
Love the new location ! I get the b-12 and bComplex shot! Lasts on me about 5-7 days since I have such a hectic lifestyle and a very physically demanding job! I have always gone to the Winter Park location and I still love it but I'm really excited this is opened because it's way closer to home ! Beautiful location! Way bigger than WP. Hanna administered my shot she was awesome and answered all my questions ! It was nice to see Sam from the WP location as well! Definitely recommend it !
15:02 24 Sep 18
A wonderful, relaxing place to go if you need any vitamin infusions or a quick injection. Staff are super nice and very helpful. My weekly B12 injections have helped me tremendously with My chronic fatigue.
Meghan Stephens
Meghan S.
01:45 24 Sep 18
Seriously the best experience! The nurses were so kind and helpful. Works wonders for your hangover, but I will definitely be back for other awesome vitamins boosts! Honestly can’t believe I didn’t know this existed until now. Life changing!
Ali Moro
Ali M.
18:59 23 Sep 18
Love this place! The ladies are so polite and caring....... Thanks!!
T Jackson
T J.
17:40 23 Sep 18
VitaLounge, a great way to start your day!! A wonderful atmosphere, and the nurses are outstanding, and professional!
Donna Ball
Donna B.
14:23 22 Sep 18
Very friendly staff & clean clinic. The Vitamin B shots have been a great way to boost my energy levels.
Norm Bosetti
Norm B.
15:44 21 Sep 18
jessica alicea
jessica A.
20:38 20 Sep 18
The nurses were very professional and took great care of me-Thank you!
kate rogers
kate R.
20:17 20 Sep 18
I love going to VitaLounge when i am starting to get sick. They Signaute Blend and Glutathione give me my energy back the next day! It’s awesome!
Rachel Hilinski
Rachel H.
20:14 20 Sep 18
The staff here are awesome and it’s a great place for a quick pick me up.
Harley Nunez
Harley N.
19:38 20 Sep 18
Everyone there is awesome!
Julie Williamson
Julie W.
16:01 20 Sep 18
I love Vita Loungue! Everyone is so sweet and helpful!
Cami Lamar
Cami L.
20:19 19 Sep 18
Harrison Chane
Harrison C.
15:41 19 Sep 18
Vitalounge has been a great experience for me all around. As soon as you walk into the door you are greeted and welcomed in. The staff is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I've had wonderful outcomes from the treatments I've received, and am thankful for the positive effects they've made on my day to day life.
Aubree Ringler
Aubree R.
20:14 18 Sep 18
I found myself struggling in a cycle of energy drinks and coffee to get through the work day. The reviews for this facility convinced me to try IV therapy. After the first treatment I feel more alert and did not need my afternoon Mega Energy Drink to continue working. Thank you team and I look forward to visiting again!
Major Stacy
Major S.
19:14 18 Sep 18
I actually took my grandmother who is 74 to VitaLounge because she is always is becoming dehydrated. The courteousness of the nurses is amazing. I ended up getting her the signature drip and she was like a new woman! She's now telling all of the family, her doctor's, and others about her IV drip! She loved it!
Ashley McGowan
Ashley M.
02:47 18 Sep 18
Thank you for the wonderful experience at Vitalounge!I really enjoyed meeting all if you.The IV vitamins are helping my 91 year old body and mind.Thank you again!Margaret
Margery Wry
Margery W.
00:41 18 Sep 18
Every time I come here the staff members are always so friendly and professional and all about my comfort!!!
Brandon Anderson
Brandon A.
21:33 17 Sep 18
Jamar Ramirez
Jamar R.
16:51 17 Sep 18
Andy Boswell
Andy B.
15:52 17 Sep 18
The RN's are knowledgeable, patient and professional. We are pleased with our treatments & results. The clinic is aesthetically clean, relaxing and welcoming.
20:13 16 Sep 18
The nurses were professional, knowledgeable and friendly! They make you feel as comfortable as possible. The lounge setup is beautiful and they offer the best relaxing environment!! It was an amazing experience. I look forward to my next appointment! Book now!! Trust me you won’t regret it!!!
Jessica C
Jessica C
10:27 15 Sep 18
If you’re interested in health and body improvement I strongly recommend the Vita Athlete with Glutathione IV + Tryptophan and a vitamin D injection. Serious athletes should have it every week or every two weeks depending on their training. Others, once a month. Try it once and feel the difference!
Devo Engineering
Devo E.
20:13 14 Sep 18
jatna azuri
jatna A.
19:34 14 Sep 18
an exercise in good health...Samantha the greatest giving an IV.... come see this great place
mary jean walker
mary jean W.
18:19 14 Sep 18
Met with the nurses. Very informative.For me it may take a few therphy sessions.But went for blood work a few days later and vitamins stores in my body were up. Doctor said that it will come back stop all orals I’m using. So guess it works on that end.Paid for 8 sessions little expensive for me. I had to try something was feeling weak tired and slightly anemic. Some what better but hospital blood people said could take a few weeks to hit me strongly. I will go again at least once a month. I may consider more Maybe like 2 times a month.After session slept great have not in a while.And was a pleasant experience .So I’m hoping it helps me out. A miracle not sure. But helps I think a yes. I think each person it helps in different ways. But this IV lounge was very rewarding experience and benefits. As they say to each his own. Thank youVita lounge Orlando. Check it out.💪👍And felt better lately and lost a few more pounds, I have been trying a long time.Good luck!!Check it out.
Amondo Sapiro
Amondo S.
15:37 14 Sep 18
I think everyone should experience the service they provide. Clean and warm atmosphere staffed with highly qualified nurses are rarely found . I feel so energized that I found this business.
henry rhee
henry R.
19:00 13 Sep 18
Amazed with VitaLounge! Had such a wonderful experience! Professional and kind staff. I received the Vita Athlete, which certainly was what I needed to reinvigorate . I will continue coming to VitaLounge for treatment! I recommend this place for anyone who is in search for natural treatments.
Isabella Martinez
Isabella M.
17:36 12 Sep 18
Went there to start my HCG diet.these people are amazing in less than weeks i lost 15 real pounds.they call me almost everyday to check on me.i feel like i have a professional support group.
marina ocean
marina O.
16:19 05 Sep 18
My first time ever utilizing a service like this. Clean, beautiful & serene facility and amazing care and customer service! I will be back!
Caitlin Barry
Caitlin B.
16:35 04 Sep 18
Great experience. Everyone was so very and knowledgeable. I had the vitamin B12 and B complex and feel great! Looking forward to my next appointment.
ivannia bok
ivannia B.
23:58 01 Sep 18
Thanks to Vital Lounge’s wonderful staff for taking care of me! Nurses are great! Looking forward to getting better.
Gladys Mitchell
Gladys M.
15:17 01 Sep 18
Always a great experience here, Hannah & Jessica were great. Always feel better after visiting VitaLounge!
Steven Wittholt
Steven W.
13:46 31 Aug 18
As a young person with multiple chronic illnesses, I usually feel exhausted and sick all the time. Since I started going to VitaLounge, I’ve felt better than I have in years. Every single nurse is extremely welcoming, the facility is very well taken care of, and I’m always excited for my weekly appointment. I highly recommend VitaLounge.
Laila Stoppler
Laila S.
17:20 30 Aug 18
First time and really felt comfortable the staff was great and very informative I'm sure it will not be my last
Mike Breedlove
Mike B.
15:29 30 Aug 18
Awesome staff!! Great way to prep for this work trip!
Nigel Bogaert
Nigel B.
15:07 30 Aug 18
I’m so happy to have such an awesome healing oasis in my neighborhood. I am a Naturopath with 33 years of chronic pathogen infections. The fact that I can send my people to them with full trust and love is extraordinary. Not having to encounter doctors and medical personal that I do not trust or that do not share in my health beliefs is one of the most important parts of my healing. And to many others. If your sick and have bugs like the rest of us lol go to VL. You won’t wncounter people who think your crazy. They get it ❤️ However can I suggest a referal program I’ll be sending you lots of people 😁
Kelly Milligan
Kelly M.
18:02 29 Aug 18
Visited for the first time as a college student feeling under the weather. Never heard much about Vitalounge beforehand but now have only good things to say about it. The nurses on staff were so helpful and informative. My specific nurse, Jessica, was very nice and made the whole experience a great one. I already feel much better after going and will definitely plan on going back.
Michaelangelo Furfaro
Michaelangelo F.
17:03 29 Aug 18
Rafael Reyes
Rafael R.
18:24 28 Aug 18
ramon rodriguez
ramon R.
17:23 24 Aug 18
Outstanding staff.. Very clean and peaceful environment. Definitely will be back.
Christopher Gore Boyd-Shaver
Christopher Gore B.
16:00 20 Aug 18
VitaLounge has become an integrated part of helping me feel my best and staying healthy. Before and after long trips or if I have worn out my body from work/life/etc. They have even come to my house to rescue me after a night of too much drinking. The non-hangover IVs have made the largest positive contribution to my health, avoiding sickness, and maintaining high energy during active trips, or long conventions. They staff are excellent and subject matter experts on how to help you match your goals with their treatments.
Don Friend
Don F.
16:17 17 Aug 18
Awesome place n very much welcome
Princess Lady Gordon
Princess Lady G.
23:02 15 Aug 18
Samantha is a very beautiful flawless young lady she treated me well. This is my second time coming here and I have no problem bringing family and friends with me because this place is amazing. They treat you like a star!
BElinda GOdfrey-ROberts
BElinda G.
16:59 15 Aug 18
I could not be more impressed with the lovely nurses today. My first visit. So welcoming, informative, professional, caring, personable and totally willing to help no matter your needs. Nice, clean and comfortable space. Took a minute to find exact suite in building but seriously take the minute to get there!
Shayne Capo
Shayne C.
19:53 11 Aug 18
VitaLounge Winter Park is outstanding! My office is near and the location is convenient to access, the staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, the office is clean and comfortable. I would and do recommend VitaLounge Winter Park for you, whoever you are. 🙂
Leigh Cleeveley
Leigh C.
14:08 02 Aug 18
I've tried Vita lounge twice now. I suffer from migraines and the migraine relief worked instantly. The relief bag comes w/ the exact same ingredients my Dr. prescribes when I go to the ER(if you add the extra $20 for Zofran.) It takes in all 30-45 at Vita Lounge where it would usually take all day waiting to be treated in a germ filled hospital. Jazim is an amazing RN and has taken the best care of me each time! I highly recommend them to anyone.
Jocelyn Bulger
Jocelyn B.
16:06 29 Jul 18
Great place to get the treatments you want. Very clean, and staff was professional and so courteous. Highly recommend.
Veronica Viner
Veronica V.
22:30 27 Jul 18
I am extremely pleased with VitaLounge and their IV treatments and wonderful service. I went in today and got the Signature Drip and B-12 injection administered by Kristen. She was very knowledgeable and explained every aspect of the treatment to me. I will definitely be returning for more treatments and I highly recommend them!
Katie Hayden
Katie H.
21:26 27 Jul 18
my first b12 injection today!!! Thank you Ashley for Helping me through my needle phobia! Beautiful office great staff!!
Cathy Cashier
Cathy C.
02:33 27 Jul 18
So today 7/26/18 was my first experience with IV nutrient therapy and I had an amazing experience thanks to nurse Jessica K. She treated me with so much compassion and was extremely caring throughout the entire visit. It was so damnnnn awesome I purchased more future treatments and also got a gift card for my family. Jessica you Rock! See you soon :)Jah Bless!Eddie Acuña
20:07 26 Jul 18
Samantha is a nurse that providing excellent service in this center. Very clean place .
Rita Wick
Rita W.
17:34 24 Jul 18
This was my first visit while on vacation and it has been so pleasant. Jasmin and Hannah were so amazing and professional and made me feel super comfortable about my first time! The lounge is super clean and inviting, on top of relaxing. I would recommend anyone coming in to try it out! I feel so refreshed and my joint aches and headache are gone!
Murphi Gregory Kirchner
Murphi Gregory K.
16:43 21 Jul 18
Awesome place! The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable!
Ma Remelie Floro Mandel
Ma Remelie Floro M.
19:14 19 Jul 18
Amazing staff!
Cheri Black Waheed
Cheri Black W.
20:56 18 Jul 18
Love coming here! Great experience through and through. I really feel the difference after getting a treatment! The signature blend is my favorite.
Megan Glass
Megan G.
17:15 18 Jul 18
lizziee bigham
lizziee B.
02:35 17 Jul 18
I took my mom to get the hydration drip after being dehydrated for a few days, and she left feeling much better. The environment in the space is really pure and clean. I didn’t receive service but I still felt like I did. My mom and I will definitely be returning.
Bryce Ameila
Bryce A.
20:59 13 Jul 18
The service at VitaLounge has been amazing. I did the weight loss program with the 26 days of injections and loss over 10 pounds. If you have an event that you are preparing for or if you merely want to jump start your weight loss regiment, this is a quick way to feel better and see results. A big shoutout to Samantha and Kristen for keeping me motivated and assisting me through the process.
Crystal Ellerbe
Crystal E.
23:43 12 Jul 18
Made my first visit to the Vitalounge today. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is clean and relaxing. Received Vitahydration I immediately felt the effects of the infusion. This place is great will be making this place a part of my routine. I highly recommend Vitalounge.
Tanisha Roney
Tanisha R.
18:12 10 Jul 18
Tried IV therapy for the first time at this place and had a great experience. The medical staff was extremely friendly and professional and the place was modern and clean. I felt great almost immediately after my treatment, and a week later I still feel great. I highly recommended this IV lounge.
Thomas Stimeling
Thomas S.
11:37 10 Jul 18
Ashley DaSilva
Ashley D.
22:27 09 Jul 18
Very friendly staff and very clean clinic. IV nutrition is a great way to boost your health and wellness goals. Had the Signature drip two days ago and feel great with tons of energy!
Gregg Girard
Gregg G.
13:48 09 Jul 18
The staff is very polite and very knowledgeable!
Sam’s Toys
Sam’s T.
15:33 08 Jul 18
Vita lounge is beyond professional and caring... Samantha and Ashley are extremely personable... I’m usually a hard person to ‘stick’ with the needle and therefore it must be done in my hand they usually get it on the first stick... I look forward to the treatments and see a positive change in my health... I’ll be back very soon for the next drip
trinia dotson
trinia D.
14:04 08 Jul 18
Awesome place with tons of different IV and Injection options and really nice staff.
Marlena Charles-Paul
Marlena C.
12:28 08 Jul 18
This was my first time trying IV Therapy! I will be back! Samantha and Jessica were so helpful and created the best combination for me! Thank you.
Dawn Cannon
Dawn C.
19:58 05 Jul 18
My 15yo daughter needs weekly fluids for POTS and the VitaLounge in Winter Park has been awesome! The small setting with easy parking and a short walk into the building has been very helpful. The nurses have competently handled her difficult veins and her apprehension about needles in general. The staff is professional and kind and the atmosphere is very relaxing. I'm so glad we found them!
Kim Felix
Kim F.
18:27 03 Jul 18
Love this location and the nurses (Samantha, Kirsten) are amazing.
Angie Allen
Angie A.
17:09 30 Jun 18
Love this new spot and so happy to see the same faces here!! Nurses are so awesome!! Down 14lbs and feeling tons better!
Angie Allen
Angie A.
16:18 30 Jun 18
lizu wang
lizu W.
21:25 27 Jun 18
Kristen and Samanta RN, are welcoming, knowledgeable in iv therapy, I had prior experiences where I was stuck five times and bruises disappeared within few weeks, this time she had the iv catheter in one attempt. Cozy atmosphere. I highly recomend VitaLounge for iv infusion.
Martha Quinonez
Martha Q.
19:05 22 Jun 18
Enjoyed my experience here. Staff is professional, prices are fair, and I feel great after my IV 😃💧💧
Derek Farah
Derek F.
16:54 19 Jun 18
This is an awesome place! Staff is very kind and professional, they take care of you. The therapies work wonders! I totally recommend it!!!
Esperanza Severeyn
Esperanza S.
17:11 11 Jun 18
I LOVE VitaLounge! Their injections and IV therapies have become an important part of my self care routine. The office is modern, clean, and feels like a spa. Every single person on staff makes me feel like a valued guest and genuinely cares. Can’t recommend it enough.
Laura Poe
Laura P.
12:29 28 May 18
Absolutely fantastic place!!! You leave feeling FANTASTIC and rejuvenated. If your serious about your wellness this place is the place for you! Furthermore the staff is absolutely outstanding!!! I wish I could give this place more than 5 starts, because it deserves it!
Greg Barreras
Greg Barreras
19:26 27 May 18
Been here a couple of times the place is very nice clean, on Sunday’s is really busy. The girls are all super nice and friendly. Thank you!
Yoly Magallanes
Yoly M.
19:05 12 May 18
Received the signature blend last Friday and I felt quite a big difference in energy. Highly impressed. My co workers noticed a difference and I quickly advised them of this place. Will be going back for sure.
Jessica Ramirez
Jessica R.
14:10 01 Apr 18
Amazing staff. Treat you like family from the time you arrive to the time you feel amazing and walk out the door. Thank you so much!!!! Will be back!
Daniel Wilson
Daniel W.
16:31 31 Mar 18
Had a GREAT experience there! Professional, clean and attentive!
Karyn Elizabeth
Karyn E.
20:35 24 Mar 18
Awesome experience. I really appreciate the follow up call to see how I was doing the next day. Great staff and great experience. IVLounge you guys are the best!!!
Reena White
Reena W.
19:04 20 Mar 18
Kristen & Samantha were wonderful!! First class experience!! Will be back in one month!! Thank you ladies for your hospitality!!
Tina Campana
Tina C.
19:58 18 Mar 18
James Steele
James S.
16:59 25 Feb 18
My favorite IV Therapy business ever! Both locations are exceptional! Sarasota and Orlando! Very professional staff and cute I must say! Lol! Very clean and comfortable! They are always happy to see you and make each trip a great experience! To Ashley and Kristin it’s a double thumbs up! See ya next week!
Tom Yeaman
Tom Y.
23:11 24 Feb 18
James Underwood
James U.
17:21 18 Feb 18
Love love love, the ladies here. They are diligent, welcoming, hardworking but still slows down enough to remember your name and health goals. I went in for the hcg diet and they clearly explained what I should expect with it. Great place!
Glenn Lubin
Glenn L.
00:39 28 Jan 18
SO GOOD! I feel so much better and it's been a few days since my treatment (I got the signature blend) - more energy and just so good for your body. 🙂
Destiny Quinn
Destiny Q.
20:29 21 Nov 17
Absolutely love the staff & products here! Can’t wait to see you guys again!
Matthew Thomas
Matthew T.
20:13 13 Nov 17
Should have found this place sooner. Has done wonders for my family.
Jay Hinish
Jay H.
20:38 21 Oct 17
Jeff Clark
Jeff C.
17:29 18 Oct 17
Andrea Maalma
Andrea M.
02:05 15 Oct 17
Doing B-12 shots weekly and getting a good boost of energy! Great staff!
Joseph Wilson
Joseph W.
17:24 12 Oct 17
First time in and it was a great experience. Ashley was super helpful explaining all the options. Will be back.
Stephanie Nickitas
Stephanie N.
21:56 20 Aug 17
Jennifer Montgomery
Jennifer M.
20:06 20 Aug 17
BEST things you can do for your body! I get treatments once a week, they come to my home, helps my diagnosis better than any prescriptions ever do for me. Best thing, my heart rate immediately gets normal, blood pressure normalizes, mental clarity and body and well being just feels incredible within an hour after the IV. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! You have 1 body, do it a favor and treat it well! All natural high dose vitamins, best thing you can do for yourself. I was skeptical at first but once I seen how I felt and seen my blood pressure drop, sugar was better, anxiety attacks went away, and the focus and mental clarity is great.... I will continue getting it done weekly for the rest of my life! Give it a try, you won't regret it, and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS INSTANTLY! Even my dry skin cleared up!! Staff is wonderful as well.
Dave Santarelli
Dave S.
22:40 17 Aug 17
Had been battling the flu unsuccessfully for the last month. Went to a conventional care center took the prescriptions against my better judgment as I have never taken pharmaceutical medication in my life. As a result they had no effect on this flu. My mother in law recommended that I go to Orlando IV Lounge and see Ashley. I did and I wish I had done it when I first starting feeling that I was getting sick. Ashley gave me the virus drip and after about an hour I was already feeling 60% better. Today, I can see the end of this horrible flu. I feel 90% better!!! Please dont waste time or money on copays and cold remedies, go see Ashley at Orlando IV Lounge the minute you think you are getting sick and she can save you so much pain, grief and money!!!Thank you Orlando IV Lounge! You have a customer for life! Can't wait to try the Athlete Drip!!!
Thee MasterPro
Thee M.
14:25 01 May 17
What an awesome experience! Haven't felt this good in years! This will definitely be part of my weekly routine from now on! I highly recommend that you give them a try! You won't be disappointed!! Ashley will pick just the right cocktail for your needs!!
Ma Dukes
Ma D.
11:40 01 May 17
Mariela Hill
Mariela H.
23:19 19 Apr 17
Awesome experience, great staff will DEFINITELY be back
Lauren Triani
Lauren T.
18:40 21 Mar 17
Ashley at Orlando IV Lounge is knowledgeable, friendly and not to mention beautiful! I felt fantastic after my "Spa Treatment" IV cocktail! I highly recommend it when you're feeling stressed and a bit under the weather. I had so much energy by the next day and just generally felt great!! Everyone should get their healthy dose of IV vitamins at Orlando IV Lounge!!
Desiree Strong
Desiree S.
03:58 24 Feb 17
Teresa Staiano
Teresa S.
19:55 18 Jan 17
Went in to see what they offered after feeling runned down. Ashley was a wonderfully polite , Caring and knowledgeable about all the products and drips offered.I can't wait to go back to try all the other of offerings.100% class acts and professional!
Chris Trosper
Chris T.
00:09 12 Jul 16
My experience at Drip was fantastic! I love that they have so many different options of IV's to choose from, and Ashley had such knowledge on what was best for me. It had a relaxing atmosphere, and for someone that is scared of needles, it was absolutely painless! I can't wait to go back for another one soon!
Emily Saker
Emily S.
00:53 07 Jun 16