Hangover Cure IV Infusion

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Don’t waste your time on traditional remedies that don’t work or just end up making you feel worse. Choose our Hangover Cure instead.

Party a little too hard last night? Choose the premiere IV therapy hangover treatment in the area. Instantly reverses your hangover with a high dose of electrolyte enriched fluids and vitamins that re-hydrate and detoxify your cells. Our potent hangover IV therapy drip also includes anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and acid reflux medication that will alleviate headaches & gastrointestinal distress.

IV Hydration

  • Hangover Cure addresses dizziness and lightheadedness caused by dehydration.
  • An optimal hydration and electrolyte infusion, perfect for travel preparation, reversing dehydration, and improving the appearance of dry skin.

B Vitamins

  • Alcohol consumption decreases the presence of vitamin B, causing fatigue. We reverse that effect by replenishing your body with the essential nutrient.


  • Hangover Cure helps regulate the amount of fluids throughout your body, improving cellular function, blood volume and blood pressure.


  • Reduces body pains and relieves the worst of headaches.


  • Relieves gastrointestinal distress, heartburn, upset stomach, and GERD symptoms.

Benefits of Hangover Cure

Hangover Cure ensures you get back on your feet after a night of play. This treatment addresses the issues brought on by dehydration and provides relief from hangover symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, and fatigue.

Other components of the IV infusion treatment, such as electrolytes and B vitamins, also support your wellness.

Hangover Cure Is for You

You can go out and party the night away without worrying about a hangover in the morning. You also won’t have to subject yourself to folk remedies just so you can function the day after hard partying. Hangover Cure provides relief by replenishing your body’s electrolytes and essential nutrients.

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