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From: $200.00 45 minutes
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Our proprietary compound of 20 essential nutrients, along with 2 liters of fluid, creates a nutrition intravenous therapy for lasting energy and peak mental performance. This IV drip works to boost your energy and sharpen focus, leaving you primed and ready to face the demands of all-day business meetings and late night dinners during convention week.

Key Nutrients

IV Hydration (2 litters)

  • Optimal hydration and electrolyte balance, perfect for travel preparation and reversing the effects of dehydration

Amino Acids

  • Improves cognitive function, boosts energy and mental focus, improves circulation for overall improved functioning.
  • Reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system, and promotes a sense of calm, allowing you to be confident and ready for any challenge

Variety of B Vitamins

  • Promotes energy production, a healthy metabolism, RBC, immune support, mental clarity, mood improvement, and mitochondria support

Vitamin C

  • An essential nutrient for immune support, collagen building, reducing inflammation, ligament and tendon health, mitochondria support, healthy blood pressure, cancer prevention, and adrenal gland support


  • Boosts energy levels and mental focus

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