Premium Blends

Athletic Boost $65

A special blend of vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants to burn unwanted fat and increase energy levels during a workout and throughout the week.

Happy Shot $50

Helps elevate low mood by increasing vitamins essential for a stable and happy mood.
Happy Shot Iv Therapy At vitalounge

Skin Repair Shot $40

A quick shot of vitamins and antioxidants to help with overall skin complexion.
Skin Repair Iv Shots - Vitalounge

Slim Shot $50

Boosts metabolism and energy levels to burn stubborn body fat
Slim Iv Shot

Detox Shot $50

A quick dose of antioxidants to rid the body of harmful toxins
Detox Iv Shots At Vitalounge

Iron Support $50

Increases iron levels by giving essential nutrients the body needs to create iron.
Iron Support Iv Therapy

Pain Drain Shot $50

Relieve pain with powerful, natural pain relievers & anti-inflammatory meds
Pain Drain

The Student $50

Improve mental focus, boost cognitive function, and reduce stress to help you get through rigorous hours of studying.
Student Shot

Immunity Shot $50

Boosts immunity with vitamin C, glutathione, and zinc.
Immunity Shot

At VitaLounge, we offer a variety of premium injections containing special blends of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants to increase athletic performance, elevate mood or detoxify your body. All of our injections are performed in our medically supervised iv lounge in Orlando and Winter Park, Florida.

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