Premium Vitamin Injections

Happy Shot

Feeling low, anxious, or sad? Elevate your mood with The Happy Shot.  Its carefully selected blend of vitamins has a mood-stabilizing effect that helps you feel calmer, better rested, and more positive overall.

Happy Shot Iv Therapy At vitalounge

Athletic Boost

This athletic boost IV shot strengthens your body by topping up mineral and vitamin levels that were depleted by physical activity. It also works to reduce your overall fatigue levels so you can recover and get back in the game much more quickly.


Skin Repair Shot

With aging, the skin becomes coarser, drier, and less elastic. Signs of sun damage, such as hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles, also become more visible. Reduce these signs of aging skin and achieve a smoother, more even, and younger-looking complexion with our special blend of vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals.

Skin Repair Iv Shots - Vitalounge

Slim Shot

Complement your weight loss regimen with a vitamin injection that helps boost your metabolism and your energy levels. Along with the right diet and exercise, this metabolism-boosting IV shot will help you get results faster.

Slim Iv Shot

Detox Shot

Oxidative stress caused by an imbalance of free radicals can negatively affect health and accelerate symptoms of aging. Prevent these effects with our Detox Shot. Loaded with antioxidants, this shot fights free radicals and helps rid the body of harmful toxins.

Detox Iv Shots At Vitalounge

Iron Support

Iron is incredibly essential to the body. Unfortunately, we are not able to produce ample amounts of it. This shot supplements the body’s natural iron reserves by providing essential nutrients to boost the production of iron.

Iron Support Iv Therapy

Pain Drain Shot

Don’t let pain and discomfort stop you from enjoying life to the fullest. The Pain Drain shot supports your body’s natural mechanisms for relieving pain and addressing inflammation, so you can quickly return to your normal daily activities.

Pain Drain

The Student

Exhausted from long study sessions? Renew your mental vigor with The Student. This injection boosts your cognitive function and helps you maintain your focus for longer periods. It also helps reduce stress.

Student Shot

Immunity Shot

Without enough rest and a balanced diet, the body’s immune system won’t be as strong as it should be. This premium vitamin blend, containing vitamin C, glutathione, and zinc, gives your immune system a boost and increases your body’s ability to fight off disease-causing microorganisms.

Immunity Shot

At VitaLounge, we offer a variety of premium injections containing special blends of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants to increase athletic performance, elevate mood or detoxify your body. All of our injections are performed in our medically supervised iv lounge in Orlando and Winter Park, Florida.

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