A message from VitaHealth Wellness

VitaHealth is now VitaLounge

In an effort to serve our members with extended care, Vitahealth Wellness is merging with our sister brand, VitaLounge.

Holistic care, expanded.

Your health is always top of mind, and we are making this transition to integrate Vitahealth services within VitaLounge to expand upon the already great holistic health care that you’re used to with Vitahealth Wellness and ensure you continue to receive the care you deserve. So what does this transition to VitaLounge mean for you?

  1. With 6 locations across Central Florida, each with its own provider on staff, we can offer more convenience and easier access to care
  2. Access to VitaLounge services plus member benefits & discounts
  3. More lab draw locations throughout central Florida, making it even easier to continue with your health plan
  4. Open seven days a week, so you can get care exactly when you need it

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