Zinc Thymulin

$100.00 60 minutes

Used for the treatment of hair loss.


  • 30ml Spray: $100
  • 30ml Drops or Foam: $120


  • Zn-Thymulin/GHK-Cu 30ml Spray, Foam, or Drops: $140
  • Zn-Thymulin/GHK-Cu/Minoxidil 30ml Spray: $150

Benefits May Include:

  • Improved hair growth
  • Prevention and reduction in hair loss
  • Improves endogenous hair pigmentation in greying hair

Zinc Thymulin, also known as thymulin factor, is produced by two distinct epithelial populations in the Thymus.  Its activity and antigenicity depend on the presence of the metal zinc which induces the differentiation of T-cells and enhances several functions of the various T-cell subsets. 

A recent study indicated topical treatment with zinc thymulin increased hair growth over 6 months without any systemic or local side effects. 

This peptide also improves endogenous hair pigmentation by stimulating melanogenesis in grey hair. Zinc Thymulin has been used to treat both males and females and for androgenic alopecia.  

It helps with hair loss by stimulating the growth phase to maintain hair follicles and to reduce hair loss.  It is often combined with other peptides for hair growth protocol.

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