Price Varies 60 minutes

This peptide is used for lowering inflammation and accelerating the healing process.  It has specifically shown to improve collagen and skin as well as hair growth.


  • GHK-Cu 10mg/mL Injection 5ml $450.00
  • GHK-Cu 2mg/mL Cream 30ml $200.00
  • GHK-Cu 5mg/mL Foam 50ml $175.00
  • GHK-Cu/Argireline/Leuphasyl 0.2%/10%/5% $250.00
  • GHK-Cu/Hyaluronic Acid 2/10mg/mL Cream $250.00
  • GHK-Cu/Hyaluronic Acid 30mg/10mg/gram $475.00
  • GHK-Cu/Zn Thymulin Drops 30mL $140.00
  • GHK-Cu/Zn Thymulin Foam 30mL $300.00
  • GHK-Cu/Zn Thymulin Spray 30mL $140.00


  • GHK-Cu/BPC-157 cream 15ml $200 (targets wound healing)
  • GHK-Cu/Hyaluronic acid 15ml Cream $110. (targets wound healing)
  • GHK/Argreline/Leuphasyl gel 30ml $200 (anti-wrinkle effect)
  • Zn Thymulin/GHK-Cu hair foam, drops or spray 30ml $140.

Benefits May Include:

  • Improves wound healing and reduces infection
  • Reduces inflammation and pain and heals nerves
  • Repairs skin barrier proteins
  • Improves skin appearance, elasticity, and firmness
  • Stimulates skin collagen
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Increases hair growth and follicle size

GHK-Cu is a naturally occurring copper complex that was first identified in human plasma and is found in multiple locations such as saliva and urine. Copper peptides are small, naturally occurring protein fragments with high affinity for copper ions, which are critical to normal body function.

GHK-Cu has a variety of roles in the human body, including, but not limited to, promoting activation of wound healing, attracting immune cells, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, stimulating collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis in skin fibroblasts, and promoting blood vessel growth.

There has been evidence that has shown that it acts as a feedback signal that is generated after tissue injury. First, it seems to act as a potent protector of tissue and an anti-inflammatory agent that controls the oxidative damage that occurs post-tissue injury. Further, it then plays a big role in signaling tissue remodeling, removing damaged/scarred tissue, and generating new, healthy tissue. However, these positive effects decline with age because the concentration of GHK-Cu in the body decreases with age. Thus, there is an increase in inflammation, cancerous activity, and tissue destruction. Clinically, it decreases fine lines and wrinkles and improves hair regrowth.

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