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A nootropic peptide for memory and sharper cognition.


  • 10mg/ml nasal spray 6ml
  • 375mcg/0.1ml 6ml

Benefits May Include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Increase in melatonin levels
  • Improved stress response
  • Improved pancreas function (regulates blood sugar and insulin)
  • Increase in lifespan by lengthening telomeres
  • Delay in age-related diseases by anti-oxidant effect

FGL(L) is a peptide with neurotrophic and memory-enhancing properties. FGL peptide is a variant of the natural neural cell adhesion molecule. Neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM) is a membrane-bound glycoprotein expressed on the surface of neuronal and glial cells. FGL(L) was directly created as a fibroblast growth factor receptor agonist.

FG loop (FGL) peptide that is derived from the second F3 module of NCAM has been found to activate FGFR1. Activating the NCAM–FGFR signaling pathways results in increased neurite outgrowth and survival and leads to its effects in memory. In addition to its impact on memory, FGL was found to positively impact the healing of neuronal tissues subjected to ischemia by decreasing oxidative stress-induced neuronal cell death. FGL was also demonstrated to affect neuropathological symptoms related to Alzheimer’s disease by inhibiting neuronal degeneration and death.

Its potential effect on memory and neurodegenerative disease progression has excited many people, and it was awarded a 60 million dollar grant in 2016 for further exploration. In addition to its effects on neurodegenerative disease, it has also been viewed as a targeted treatment for TBI, stroke, depression, and general cognitive function improvement.

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