$180.00 60 minutes

Oral capsule, lowers insulin resistance, A1c, and inflammation which overall helps with weight loss.


  • 90ct Capsules: $180


  • Amlexanox/BPC-157 30ct Capsules: $100 (Used for ulcer and wound healing.)
  • Amlexanox/BPC/KPV 30ct Capsules: $300 (Used for ulcer and wound healing.)

Benefits May Include:

  • Promotes lipolysis (weight loss)
  • Reduces insulin resistance and A1c levels              
  • Reduces allergy response by inhibiting histamine & leukotrienes
  • Reduced healing time and pain in ulcers

Amlexanox is an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic compound that has traditionally been used to treat ulcers by reducing healing time and pain. It has multiple mechanisms of action, such as inhibiting inflammation by inhibiting histamine release and leukotrienes. It has been shown to selectively inhibit TBK1 and IKK-ε, producing reversible weight loss and improved insulin sensitivity. It is through this mechanism that it has produced substantial results in terms of reducing HbA1C levels and increase insulin sensitivity.

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