Our precision wellbeing approach begins with the power of IV Therapy. Our medical providers have put together a core package consisting of super nutrients that work on your wellbeing at a cellular level. You can further customize this with our premium enhancements for additional, personalized wellbeing impact

Take It All In:
Benefits of IV Therapy

Improved Hydration

Nutrient Boost

Enhanced Energy Levels

Immune System Support

Efficient Absorption

Faster Recovery

Stress Relief

Detoxification Support

Improved Skin Health

Customizable Options

How does it work?

Wellbeing Evaluation

Our expert medical providers will help select the best treatment option for you.

Start With Vitacore Drip

Our Vitacore Drip offers 14 Super Nutrients, 5X the industry average

Add Premium Enhancements

Enjoy unlimited ways to customize your treatment. Add as many enhancements as you desire.

Ongoing Monitoring

Our expert medical team will be there to monitor your treatment and answer questions

Upgrade to Monthly Vitacore Plus Membership

Become a member and enjoy savings and other member only benefits.

Where to Begin?

Vitacore, our
IV Drip

Vitacore is our infusion drip, consisting of 14 precision picked bioavailable nutrients to reset your wellbeing at a cellular level.

You can further customize and augment your wellbeing by adding one or more of our premium, targeted enhancements to your Vitacore drip.

14 Super Premium, Bio-Available Nutrients.

5X more than most competitors

Hydration Electrolytes:

Replenish, hydrate, and Restore your body’s fluid balance for optimal well-being.

Vitamin C: Boost Immune System

Fight oxidative stress, and promote vibrant health.


Strengthen bones, support muscle function, and aid nerve transmission for wellness.


Enhance energy production, promote connective tissues, and support antioxidants.


Improve muscle function, regulate mood, and support balanced well-being.


Contribute to bone health, aid metabolism, and support brain function.


Boost immune function, aid wound healing, and support healthy skin and nails.

Thiamine (B1):

Support energy matabolism, promote never function, and enhance well-being.

Riboflavin (B2):

Aid energy production, support eye health, and promote healthy skin and hair.

Niacin (B3):

Support cardiovascular health, enhance brain function, and contribute to healthy skin.

Dexpanthenol (B5):

Promote hormone production, support skin and hair health, and aid wound healing.

Pyridoxine (B6):

Support brain function, aid neurotransmitter production, and promote immune health.


Essential in supporting nerve function, red blood cell production, and energy metabolism.

1 Liter of Hydratation:

Promotes hydration, aiding in proper organ function, supporting the immune system, maintaining blood pressure, and assisting in the elimination of toxins from the body.

Join the thousands of happy customers that tap
into our Vitacore infusion as the foundation for
their precision wellbeing.

Personalize With Our Premium Enhancements

Enjoy unlimited ways to customize your Vitacore by selecting one or multiple enhancements that supercharge your IV infusion for better results at a great value.



Elevate your energy production and preformance with the synergistic benefits of carnitine and taurine, enhancing vitality and fueling your potential.


Vital nutrients and hydration to alleviate hangover symptoms and restore your well-being. includes anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and acid reflux medication that will alleviate headaches and gastrointestinal distress.


Combining the analgesic effects of Toradol, high-dose magnesium for inflammation reduction, and proline to alleviate joint inflammation, providing targeted pain relif and enhanced comfort.


Providing rapid hydration and essential nutrients to replenish your body and promote optimal well-being.


Revitalize and detoxify your body with the powerful benefits of glutathione, promoting optimal detoxification and restoring your natural balance.



This treatment can support metabolic function and aid in weight loss.


Boost your immune system and fortify your body’s defense, featuring hight-dose vitamin c to enhance your body’s natural resistance and overall well-being.


Harness the power of gultamine, taurine, and arginine to enhance endurance, promote muscle recovery, and maximize your preformance potential.


Promote rapid recovery by harnessing the healing properties of arginine, proline and lysine to support tissue repair and enhance the body’s natural recovery processes.


Achieve laser-sharp mental focus and clarity. Harnessing the potent benefits of glutamine and taurine to enhance cognitive function and elevate your mental performance.



Nurture your skin’s health and radiance. Combining the rejuvenating properties of proline, biotin, and a touch of glutathione to promote vibrant skin and a youthful glow.


Relax and unwind. Harnessing the calming benefits of high-dose magnesium, glycine, and taurine to alleviate stress, promote relaxation, and restore inner balance.